Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pregnancy Trappings

I have bought exactly one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of maternity black work pants. They've worked out well, and I daresay they'll last the entire pregnancy. Meanwhile, I've bought 6 bras. After trying on approximately 62. And none of them are really working out at all. If I get one where the straps stay up, I can't breathe. Or my ribs feel like they're getting bruised by the underwire. I tried to find a wireless didn't work. Well, not in a way I could wear out of the house anyway. I don't want a nursing bra...they have that inner partial bra thing that I know will drive me nuts.  It's ridiculous, this quest for a comfortable yet supportive and appropriate bra. 

But it's not all bad. In mid-February, we finally finished this year's season of admissions interviews. Which meant that I could make the switch from professional-looking "work shoes" to SNEAKERS! And I even found a pair of black ones that don't look terrible with my nicer work clothes.  Even better--I found these gel, massage-y inserts to put in them. Ahhhhh. Lovely. I almost don't notice that my right foot is too wide and feels all squished.  These will definitely tide me over until flip flop weather comes along. Which must be soon!!

Meanwhile, I took out my belly button piercing. And I'm sad about it.  I had read online about women who kept theirs in for the entire pregnancy, but my belly button is starting to pop out (wtf?) and the skin around it was starting to look a bit angry. So out it came. I loved that little bit of secret sparkle. Every few days I poke it back in, in the hopes that I can keep the hole from closing up. Of course, once I have floppy skin and stretch marks, it probably really won't be the same. I should have at least gotten one nekkid sparkly belly picture first. sigh.

And, off came my wedding band and engagement ring as well--at Michael's insistence.  They were getting a little snug, and he was worried they'd wind up needing to be cut off! It's an alarming thought, for sure, but how likely is that really? (is it?) My fingers feel weird without them.  I might have to buy a fake, bigger one. People should know that I'm married!

I really need to post more...I keep writing these really witty blog entries in my head and then never finding the time to post them before completely forgetting them.  It's a bit sad, really.  In any case, we're off on a little baby-related adventure now so I'll try to check back later and update you.  Before I forget.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good thing curly hair is more forgiving than I am.

It'd be pretty easy to complain this week, given the 11-15 hour work days and the fact that I'm still coughing up a storm AND can't sleep more than four hours at a time.

But instead, I'll focus on something more positive: some of the things I'm feeling grateful for.
  • I had the nicest night out with three of my girlfriends on campus last week. We had yummy dessert (and virgin strawberry mojito for me!) and it was such good company that it felt way too soon to end the night when the restaurant started shutting off lights. 
  • The weekend before that, we went to visit my sister and her family--specifically to celebrate her birthday and the first birthday of my nephew. It was so nice to see them, even though it was such a short trip. Tiff and I got to talk for like 6 hours with no (cute) kiddos around and it made me realize how much I miss her. It's kind of great that we get to be pregnant at the same time, even if we don't see each other often.
  • I took Tiff to the spa for her birthday and decided to get a haircut. I've only paid to get my hair cut about three times. Ever. No one seems to know what to do with curly hair, and it usually looks the same when I leave as it did going in, so it hardly seems worth the money. Especially since I can cut it myself--curly hair is very forgiving that way. But I did have one good experience getting it cut at a spa in Arizona a few years ago, so I figured I'd give it a try. It desperately needed a trim. (Who said pregnant ladies were supposed to have glorious hair? liars!) Anyway, I knew right off the woman didn't really know what she was doing, because while we had talked about trimming an inch off, she started cutting it wet. Everyone knows you cut curly hair dry. But I figured I'd just see what happened. Curly hair is forgiving, after all. But halfway through blow drying, I realized...I was in NJ. New Jersey! OMG. She made me look like a Jersey Jewish princess from the '80's. Going to her Bat Mitzvah. (I apologize to the Jewish Jersians who might be reading this, but you know what I'm talking about.) Ironically, I also looked like my late Jewish grandmother (may she rest in peace). My hair was big. And there were straightened, poofy bangs. At one point, Tiff thought the lady was kidding and made a joke about it being a good look, but then she realized it was no joke. Tiff's hair took longer than mine and the whole time I was sitting there talking to her I kept seeing myself in the mirror with shock and horror. I was itching to get to a sink so I could tame my hair with some water. Luckily, after a shower, I thought it actually didn't look half-bad. Granted, it's about 6 inches shorter than I wanted it, but it does have a nicer, face-framing shape, and it's garnered a few compliments. So, all's well that ends well, I guess. 
  • Even better, we stayed at a hotel. With a jacuzzi! Woohooo.
  • Even better, we were supposed to see some other friends and I really wanted to fit it in but for various reasons, our friends wound up saying that I should rest and that they'd rather come to Boston to see us than have us running around like crazy. I honestly did want to see them, but that guilt-free night to relax in the hotel was a total gift.
  • Even BETTER--Michael drove the whole way down and back and let me sleep. Which was awesome, because I was still pretty sick. I love visiting family but I hate hate HATE the drive, so this is like a HUGE gift. Michael is an excellent sport about driving. He doesn't even mind if I nap, because he's not a talking kind of driver. I am. If he's not talking to me, I have to get on the phone. I get bored when I drive. It's not safe for long distances. =)
  • On the drive home, after being in the car for hooooours, as we were nearing our place, I remembered I still had work to do. And mentioned wistfully how much I'd appreciate some sour apple straws to help me get through the application reading. And Michael just detoured to get them! Even though I said it really was okay (and meant it). Then, once there, he told me I should probably just go ahead and get 6 that was the most reasonable course of action in the world. God, I love that man.
  • Work has been insane lately. INSANE. I mean, like, working 15 hours straight insane. All the time. Last week I was worried I'd lose the balance I've been working so hard to achieve, and so I emailed Michael from work and told him what I had to do and that I needed him to take over the dorm parenting and help keep the house clean or I was going to lose my shit. And he DID. Not only that, but when I thought I might have to give up and came stumbling (and pouting) out of the office declaring that I needed motivation, he offered to give me a massage if I finished my files. Ooooh. Good call, Michael.
  • Part of the work I had to do was a big design project. It took about 20 hours (17 of which I did outside of work hours) but other than that I really enjoyed it and I'm pretty excited to get them from the printer. If only I could make a job for myself where I did college counseling part time (from home) and freelance publications projects like that (from home.) And somehow got random travel expenses paid for. Ahhhhh. It's good to have dreams.
  • I finalized plans to go visit Alexis in a few weeks, after she has her first baby. Not only will I get to see my best friend and her cutest newborn baby, but I'll get away from work and find some quiet time (and sun!) YAY. (No lazy river though--that hotel was booked.)
  • And, I had several friends reach out to ask me how I was feeling today, out of the blue. I haven't had time to call them back yet, but still really appreciate their thoughtfulness.
I walk around all the time muttering "I hate people" under my breath like a crazy person. In fact, while driving a van full of teenagers in the snow-ice the other night, another vehicle cut me off and I found myself declaring, "I hate you. I hate you and everything you stand for."

But I have to say, I love the people I have in my life. I wish I had more time to spend with them, but all in all, I feel pretty damn lucky.