Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pregnancy Trappings

I have bought exactly one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of maternity black work pants. They've worked out well, and I daresay they'll last the entire pregnancy. Meanwhile, I've bought 6 bras. After trying on approximately 62. And none of them are really working out at all. If I get one where the straps stay up, I can't breathe. Or my ribs feel like they're getting bruised by the underwire. I tried to find a wireless didn't work. Well, not in a way I could wear out of the house anyway. I don't want a nursing bra...they have that inner partial bra thing that I know will drive me nuts.  It's ridiculous, this quest for a comfortable yet supportive and appropriate bra. 

But it's not all bad. In mid-February, we finally finished this year's season of admissions interviews. Which meant that I could make the switch from professional-looking "work shoes" to SNEAKERS! And I even found a pair of black ones that don't look terrible with my nicer work clothes.  Even better--I found these gel, massage-y inserts to put in them. Ahhhhh. Lovely. I almost don't notice that my right foot is too wide and feels all squished.  These will definitely tide me over until flip flop weather comes along. Which must be soon!!

Meanwhile, I took out my belly button piercing. And I'm sad about it.  I had read online about women who kept theirs in for the entire pregnancy, but my belly button is starting to pop out (wtf?) and the skin around it was starting to look a bit angry. So out it came. I loved that little bit of secret sparkle. Every few days I poke it back in, in the hopes that I can keep the hole from closing up. Of course, once I have floppy skin and stretch marks, it probably really won't be the same. I should have at least gotten one nekkid sparkly belly picture first. sigh.

And, off came my wedding band and engagement ring as well--at Michael's insistence.  They were getting a little snug, and he was worried they'd wind up needing to be cut off! It's an alarming thought, for sure, but how likely is that really? (is it?) My fingers feel weird without them.  I might have to buy a fake, bigger one. People should know that I'm married!

I really need to post more...I keep writing these really witty blog entries in my head and then never finding the time to post them before completely forgetting them.  It's a bit sad, really.  In any case, we're off on a little baby-related adventure now so I'll try to check back later and update you.  Before I forget.



Rebecca said...

helloooooooooo friend!

you are awesome! keep up the good work. two quick things: UGH about the bras... i hear you... mission: impossible! i'm glad you have at least a few that will work for now. and! i SWEAR i told you (and jenna) about the belly button popping out thing-- at panera! i can picture the entire thing. and if not, i'm sorry i didn't warn you. lastly, i had to take off my engagement ring, but the wedding band made it throughout the pregnancy. i do have one friend that bought a fun silver ring to wear while she was pregnant... for the very reason you mentioned ; )

hope you're having a good weekend!
hugs to you and michael!

Melisa K. said...

Thanks, Rebecca! Somehow I must have blocked out that conversation about the belly button. =) Hmmm...I was thinking about trying just my wedding band...maybe I'll give it a shot.

And OMG, the bras! What a nightmare. Sometimes I'll just want to rip it off in the middle of a staff meeting. It's bad. lol.