Friday, February 25, 2011

Pregnancy Underthings

Do they make special socks for those that are preggers? We don't even need to talk about the fact that I can no longer REACH my feet to put socks on. But lately I've noticed that when I take them off at the end of the day (which I can still do fairly easily, oddly) my legs look like...well, I don't know what. They're pasty white, for one thing, as if they've had no blood flow for several hours. And the imprint of any pattern is ingrained in my skin. Michael suggested I get bigger socks, but really...they're size 9-11 and my feet are an 8 at best. Maybe I just need a different fabric? With no elastic at the top?

And while we're on the subject, let's just talk about bras again. Because a few weeks ago, I found exactly one that was comfortable (after trying on 34). And while I was in Florida, my mom and I went bra shopping together since I figured I needed some expert fitting advice. We didn't find ANY that fit well. But lately, I feel like I have severely BRUISED skin/bones/ribs under where my underwire is. I don't know if that's possible, but that's how it feels. I think maybe I need a bra without an underwire. But really--it seems unlikely that I could find a wireless 38D (ish) bra that would actually do what I needed it to in order to be able to wear it to work. And I've looked at the "maternity" bras, which are all really nursing bras and have that nursing feature which I think would drive my skin mad. So...yeah, awesome.

I think it's time to quit my job so I can just give in and go nekkid for the next few months.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yup, resolution v. 2011 is off to a gooooood start.

So I went to the doctors' office yesterday to see about this persistent cough and general crappy feeling that's been going on. I feel like poor baby is experiencing constant earthquakes! Talk about stress.

I walk with the assistant to the examining room and I take off my coat. She immediately offers a hearty "Congratulations!" I feel a momentary sense of pleasure at my pregnant self. How nice to get that sort of automatic reaction! (Though I do also think to myself that it's a hard and fast rule that you NEVER assume someone is pregnant unless they offer that information!)

Later, the doctor walks in and starts reviewing the (lengthy) list of medications I'm taking (and trying), and pauses when she comes to the prenatal vitamins. "Are you pregnant?" she asked incredulously.

"Yep!" I answered.

"How pregnant?" she followed up with skepticism.

"Six months!" I declared proudly. I must look goooooood if she's that surprised, right?

So there you have it, my latest evidence of my positive attitude...happy that I look fat enough to assume I'm preggo and happy that I don't look six months preggo. haha.

I've been doing well on the connecting business too. Even though I was miserably sick last week, I had social plans on Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday night, and all were really, really nice.

I also think the weekend found great balance (for this time of year, anyway) in that I went back and forth from bed to reading files. I slept more than I normally would allow, letting my body recover, and read 25 applications to boot. Today at work, I got handed 5 big design projects to do in the next two weeks, so instead of taking a nap I got 13 applications read (I want a prize!) but now I get to go to bed early to get in 8 hours of sleep.

Yup, resolution v. 2011 is off to a gooooood start.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prenatal Cradle

So I went to the baby Dr. on Thursday. She asked how I was feeling and I told her about the pains that have started in my abdomen, hips, etc. I figured they were all normal but wanted to check. She told me they were normal but since I'm petite and having them already, I might want to look into getting a prenatal cradle (pictured at right). This contraption supposedly supports you so much that it alleviates many pains. She seemed sort of amused when she said she couldn't wait to hear what I thought of it. (I'm almost sure she meant this as a compliment--she seems to adore my sarcasm and commentary and questions re: everything related to pregnancy.) She thinks I'm smart. She said so, when I asked her if I was taking enough DHA for baby's brain development. I think she's smart too. I picked her because she did her undergrad at Brown--the progressive ivy. Yep, I'm an education snob. I've been secretly wanting to ask her this whole time where her parents went to school. But I think if I found out she was a legacy at Brown, I'd be disappointed.

I'm kidding! Well, mostly. I do really like her though. She answers (all!) of my questions and she gives me a lot of extra information and she seems to have a balanced and reasonable take on all of the pregnancy "rules." (except she told Michael that I really SHOULDN'T sleep on my back, even if reclined, which I will not forgive her for.)

Anyway, so I looked up the prenatal cradle. Hahahahahaha. Who designed that thing? It looks significantly harder to get into than a criss-cross bathing suit (which has always given me trouble and prompted a firm rule against buying clothes I can't put on without assistance.) And, um, I can't imagine the front criss-cross would work very well with my new size HUGE boobs. But all of that doesn't look very...subtle. I mean, there's no hiding that thing under your clothes! (Though I guess it would distract from my visible belly button ring.)

I'm sorry to say that the baby dr. will have to wait to hear how the prenatal cradle and I got along. I think I'll save it for a last resort if things get a lot worse later in the pregnancy! (Though this current coughing epidemic is making me reconsider...I keep trying to use my hands to support my belly and other painful places so as not to shake baby too much.)

Anyone else out there tried one of these contraptions??

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holy Shit.

Here's the scene: Michael and I are in the living room, each on our laptops. I read an email from a dear friend, who mentions she has been writing some of my other dear friends regarding plans for my baby shower. I smile, and laugh. Michael looks up curiously.

me: They're planning my baby shower! (gleefully) I mean, that's so thoughtful, but it's a little early. The baby is like, six months away.

Michael: (looking at me like I'm deranged) Um, no it's not.

me: It is! 

Michael: Isn't the shower usually pre-baby? 

me: Baby is due in June. That's the 6th month. It's only January.

Michael: Actually, it's February. (starts counting the upcoming months on his fingers)

me: (interrupting his counting) Holy shit! We're going to have a BABY in four months!

Less than four months, now (hopefully). That's crazy. Don't get me wrong--I'm super excited. But this whole time it's seemed like some far-off dreamworld version of our life...far enough in the distance to seem positively surreal.

But less than four months. Whoa. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.