Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yup, resolution v. 2011 is off to a gooooood start.

So I went to the doctors' office yesterday to see about this persistent cough and general crappy feeling that's been going on. I feel like poor baby is experiencing constant earthquakes! Talk about stress.

I walk with the assistant to the examining room and I take off my coat. She immediately offers a hearty "Congratulations!" I feel a momentary sense of pleasure at my pregnant self. How nice to get that sort of automatic reaction! (Though I do also think to myself that it's a hard and fast rule that you NEVER assume someone is pregnant unless they offer that information!)

Later, the doctor walks in and starts reviewing the (lengthy) list of medications I'm taking (and trying), and pauses when she comes to the prenatal vitamins. "Are you pregnant?" she asked incredulously.

"Yep!" I answered.

"How pregnant?" she followed up with skepticism.

"Six months!" I declared proudly. I must look goooooood if she's that surprised, right?

So there you have it, my latest evidence of my positive attitude...happy that I look fat enough to assume I'm preggo and happy that I don't look six months preggo. haha.

I've been doing well on the connecting business too. Even though I was miserably sick last week, I had social plans on Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday night, and all were really, really nice.

I also think the weekend found great balance (for this time of year, anyway) in that I went back and forth from bed to reading files. I slept more than I normally would allow, letting my body recover, and read 25 applications to boot. Today at work, I got handed 5 big design projects to do in the next two weeks, so instead of taking a nap I got 13 applications read (I want a prize!) but now I get to go to bed early to get in 8 hours of sleep.

Yup, resolution v. 2011 is off to a gooooood start.


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