Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holy Shit.

Here's the scene: Michael and I are in the living room, each on our laptops. I read an email from a dear friend, who mentions she has been writing some of my other dear friends regarding plans for my baby shower. I smile, and laugh. Michael looks up curiously.

me: They're planning my baby shower! (gleefully) I mean, that's so thoughtful, but it's a little early. The baby is like, six months away.

Michael: (looking at me like I'm deranged) Um, no it's not.

me: It is! 

Michael: Isn't the shower usually pre-baby? 

me: Baby is due in June. That's the 6th month. It's only January.

Michael: Actually, it's February. (starts counting the upcoming months on his fingers)

me: (interrupting his counting) Holy shit! We're going to have a BABY in four months!

Less than four months, now (hopefully). That's crazy. Don't get me wrong--I'm super excited. But this whole time it's seemed like some far-off dreamworld version of our life...far enough in the distance to seem positively surreal.

But less than four months. Whoa. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

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