Friday, January 28, 2011

The Boa Constrictor of Pregnancy

Okay, I'm not trying to be negative here, but I feel like there is a boa constrictor tightening itself around my body. I've up-sized my bra twice already, and while it can contain my preggo chest, it still makes me feel unable to breathe--especially while sitting down. To make matters worse, I am itchy. Really itchy. In places inappropriate to scratch in public. Or in my office. I've tried lotion and all that jazz to no avail. Now, I know it could be worse. But it is pretty uncomfortable.

On top of that, the fatigue remains strong--I'm still waiting for that "burst of energy" you all promised me in the second trimester! The other morning, I woke up early to go to spinning class and went to put in my contacts...only to find my contact case empty. After much searching, I found I had forgotten to take them out the night before and they were still in my eyes. This morning, I put on an outfit and went to the bathroom to find that the bra I was wearing was not...appropriate...for the outfit, so I went into my room to change bras. When I went to put my shirt back on over the new bra, I couldn't find it anywhere. I was looking all around, frustrated. "I *just* took it off--where could it have gone?!" Only to find Michael laughing at me, "Um...isn't it around your waist?"

Why yes, yes it is.

Despite all of this, I really am feeling pretty positive (and connected) these days. Michael and I had plans with friends (both together and separately) every night this week that we weren't on duty, and I've had some great conversations with kids in our dorm as well. This weekend, we're making a three-course gourmet (ha!) dinner for the group that won the scavenger hunt. I made it to the gym twice this week, and I got some extra exercise in the form of shoveling my car out of a snowbank.

And, of course--there's little drummer boy. I get so excited every time I feel a single little drum beat from inside the great pumpkin of my belly, and I swear I can't wait for them to get stronger and more frequent. But for now, I just like knowing baby carrot is there.

This week, I've also been grateful for:
  • Michael going to get groceries during a busy dorm duty night
  • a night with two of my favorite (adult) campus residents
  • waking up to a clean house!
  • a snow day that allowed me to sleep in and NOT be on duty
  • having the Florida trip to look forward to, as well as a likely trip to visit Tiff et al later in February
I'm even feeling pretty balanced. During the snow day, I got in admissions work, cleaning, a bath and some reading. It wasn't AS productive as it should have been work-wise, and it wasn't AS relaxed as I might have wished...but it was good. And I felt content at the end of the day.

I've been really engaged by the reading in my Brain Rules for Baby book too...maybe I'll share some of the findings with you next time!

Meanwhile, I've got to go home for lunch and take off this bra so I can breathe!


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