Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The World's Tiniest Drummer--playing from inside a pumpkin!

I've heard a lot of descriptions for the first feelings of baby moving inside of you: a fish swimming in your stomach, butterflies fluttering, bubbles rising through tomato sauce...and I've been anxiously awaiting any and all of those reassuring feelings. I'll concentrate on my stomach, feeling around, sending mental messages to baby to just MOVE already. I'd think I felt something, but then when I'd focus on it, it wouldn't reappear.

But over the last few days, I've been over the moon to find I have a tiny little DRUMMER in my tummy. I swear--it feels like someone beating on the world's tiniest drum--from the inside of a pumpkin. Go ahead, picture it. Cute, huh?

That's right. My baby's cute. And musically gifted. Though he seems to have inherited my lack of rhythm.

Still, I'm celebrating. And I've become one of those women who constantly feel their bump. I just feel like I have a little buddy in there. Without realizing it, I'll find myself softly feeling myself up, just saying hi there, little buddy.

So I went to spin class this morning (after waking at a ridiculous 5:15 am!) and found that my stomach seems to have grown substantially in the last two weeks. As I was furiously pumping away, my knees were sort of knocking into my stomach. (sorry, baby). Maybe if I raise the seat higher? Maybe there's a reason you don't see too many preggo women spinning. But it is such a good workout!


They were calling for two feet of snow tomorrow, then changed it to 6-10 inches. We were expecting a snow day, so we rescheduled our interviews at work and I packed up a bag full of applications to review--the first of the season! I was irrationally excited at the thought of how much work I could get done from home on a snow day...and after sleeping in to boot! Sadly, they've changed the forecast to 4-6 inches, which probably means we'll only have a delay. In which case, our office still opens at 8 am. Sigh. For some reason, there just isn't the same excitement about trying to get all that work done at the office. 

Can't you just imagine the conversation where I try to explain to my boss how much more productive I could be if I could sleep in and work from home? But I swear it's true!

Well, if I'm going to have to get up on time, I might as well head to bed now. The 5.5 hours of sleep I got last night didn't quite do it for me...

'night, y'all.

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