Monday, January 17, 2011


We were at a friend's house over New Year's Eve weekend this year, playing games and generally being merry. One of our friends had one of those boxes of conversation starter questions and pulled out this question:

"What event would you really like to receive an invitation to?"

My answer: A screening of Wheel of Fortune!
Michael's answer: My future daughter's wedding.



After I decided on my guiding words for 2011, I started asking Michael at the end of the night what the best part of his day had been as I reflected on mine.

My answer the first night: I got a lot done at work today.
Michael's answer: Coming home to you.


I'm recording these gems so you can remind me of them in 9 months when I'm sleep deprived and irritable and forget how wonderful my husband is, okay?

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coygrrrl said...

Hi Missy! your husband sounds so wonderful, what with the melty comments and the awesome cooking (then again, i've always had a soft spot in my heart for Danish boys)
I love reading your blog and am very excited when you update. you are going to be a super wonderful mama and I can't wait until your little boy arrives and I can coo over pictures of him :)