Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mom Marketing Idea

Okay, so I have a brilliant idea for corner stores to corner the market on mom sales. This would work for gas stations, convenience stores...pretty much anyplace.

All they need to do is have carside service. Perhaps while pumping your gas there would be a little button you could push to talk and say, "can you add a gallon of 1% milk and bring it out please?" Because let me tell you, if there was a place that offered that, I would ALWAYS shop there. Because once you have your baby in the car--especially if they fall asleep--there's just no way I'm getting him out for a quick pit stop, no matter how damn thirsty I am. (Remember that time I drove around looking for a McDonald's only to find the ONE McDonald's without a drive through?!)

This brainstorm hit me yesterday when I was at our mom's group. We went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch first, and I got some cheesecake to go, as usual. As usual, I left it in the fridge at the center. Halfway down the road, I had an internal debate about whether to turn back. On the one hand, I really, really wanted that cheesecake and it cost something like $7. On the other hand, it would require getting Milo back out of the car. sigh. I did wind up going back--because that's some expensive cheesecake and got lucky: one of my mom friends was still in the parking lot and offered to watch Milo so I could run in and grab it. (While doing so, I realized the staff probably thought I left my baby alone in the car to get cheesecake. oops.)

Minor crisis averted...but then I needed gas. And milk. And by the time I got to the gas station, Milo was asleep. And he REALLY needed to sleep. double sigh. No frosted flakes for mommy.

The thing is, I really bet that man working in the gas station wouldn't have minded bringing me out some milk. I thought about asking strangers at the pumps, even. They could have a $5-10 minimum charge and I'd STILL probably take them up on it, at least during those super thirsty times.

I'm not looking for royalties on this one...the idea is up for grabs to any and all takers. You could market yourself as the parent-friendly gas station. Perhaps also the elder-friendly corner store.

Get on that, people.

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