Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mission (Im)possible

I feel like I'm slowly crawling out of the black hole of sleepless new-motherhood I've been wallowing in for the last...few...months. Okay, 7. And a half. Today, we cleaned the house. Well, most of it. I organized the snack cupboard (donating most of the really bad junk food to the dorm kitchen) while Michael organized the pots and pans. We collected Milo's toys in bins and (finally, sadly) dismantled our Christmas tree and decorations. Which meant we got our kitchen back and can eat at our table if we so choose. I cleaned the bathroom and filled pill cases for the next THREE weeks AND I went and got my blood test this morning. We played with Milo and Michael got groceries AND I made a healthy dinner (only 8 WW points). And then I went out for a drink with some girlfriends.

It sounds pretty much impossible that all that fit into one day, doesn't it?!

At least, that's how I used to feel. But then again, I kept telling myself, Hey, I'm not the first woman to give birth, nor the first one to go seven months without more than five hours of sleep at a time. And somehow, most of those other mothers seem able to keep their home reasonably clean and to eat things that don't come out of the freezer. But then I always think there's some big conspiracy where everyone else is just lying to themselves when actually they're all eating easy mac and wearing dirty socks they picked up off the floor that passed the smell test.

But look--I did it. And Milo went to bed right at 8:30 on the dot. After eating solids and patching and everything. Well, okay, he never made it out of pajamas today. But they call them 'sleep and plays' for a reason!

And I've been thinking about how hard it is to get to the gym with our dorm duty schedule, and yesterday we stopped by the day care at the Boston Sports Club to get a tour and check it out. There's a decent infant room and she said there's usually two babies per staff member at a time. They have some nice toys that I'm pretty sure don't get cleaned well enough or often enough. (She said they usually get sanitized daily.) Which is pretty funny, because Milo will lick everything in there in under 20 minutes. You get two hours of child care for $11 (or you can get a monthly membership for $50). At first I was like--Great, can I get one hour for $5.50 then, because I don't need to work out for two hours!?

But then, like 7 hours later, I looked at Michael as we were sitting on the couch and said, "Wait a minute. Unlimited babysitting (in two hour chunks) for $50 a month! I can go work out and read in the hot tub and bring my laptop and work in the cafe!" Which sounds practically like a vacation.

That's a really good deal! And would totally mean I could go to the gym and exercise on a regular basis.

If I could stomach leaving Milo in a germ fest with other kids and staff that probably gets paid minimum wage.

But then again, I'm the mom that lets Milo crawl on the floor and claims that whatever he encounters is building his resistance. To something. I don't want to be crazy protective mom. And chances are, he'll be totally safe in there for 2 hours. I mean, they don't even change diapers. They page me to come change his diaper. And they don't allow food of any kind in there, so they're not feeding him. (Which makes this seem like very expensive child care.) So the worst that can happen is he picks up a lot of germs and maybe some bigger infant crawls on top of him and calls him four eyes and then he comes home and gets us all sick.

I'll have to think on that.

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