Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well, obviously I can check facebook at WORK

So good news and bad news.

The good news is that I finished up all but one of my goals from April this week (the one I didn't do was fit in more walks). I went to a Body Pump class with Melissa (at 5:45 am) and it was a really great class. It's weights/barbells to music with lots of instruction in a group setting...perfect for getting in my hour of strength training per week like Dr. Oz recommends.

But HOLY SHIT am I in pain now. I feel like I was in a really bad car accident. In fact, at work later that same day I involuntarily yelped when I went to sit on the toilet! Agh. I try to walk down stairs and find my legs have turned to jelly. And my right arm...ridiculous. It surprises me every few minutes how bad it hurts.

So I assume that all means I did something right. But that I haven't been doing anything right for the last 30 years or so. My body is MAD at me.

I also signed up for that try-pack of personal training too, and had my first meeting, which was more of a consultation. A bonus was that it went on sale for $29 for May (instead of $79) so it's a REALLY good deal. And I was impressed with my trainer. She's much more holistic than I expected, and is even going to look into a meal plan for me too. She really thinks my diet has a lot to do with my lack of energy, so I have to remember to really look into that connection during cooking month in June. My first real work-out with her is on Wednesday, so wish me luck. I'm a little scared now after that body pump class.

And, I signed up for that meditation retreat and got confirmation that I'm in. That's both terrifying and exciting.

So the good news was that I really did a great job meeting my goals for April, even if it took me an extra week into May. The bad news is that I'm not doing so hot on my May goals.

Staying off facebook and email has been ridiculously hard and I keep making justifications to myself, such as "well, obviously I can check facebook at WORK" or "I just need to quickly see if so and so replied to my earlier email." So I figure I need to really think about WHY I wanted to resist the urge. Is it because it sucks up so much time? If that's the case, then it should be fine to be on at work. But if it's because I look to it for validation and fracture myself and my attention, then I need to be more restrictive.

And, I think it might be all of the above. I actually think I've done fairly well at staying off outside of work--you'll notice I only had 2 status updates in the last week. But I do check my news feed on facebook during the day at work and once at night. And I'm still pretty attached to my email. I still check it when I'm home for lunch, and before I go to bed, and before I leave the house. Still, I've heavily reduced it and I have found myself feeling like I have more time on my hands to do things like a spontaneous mid-week movie night. But, I haven't done Danish, photography, or meditation yet. hrmmm. I've been putting off the meditation because Michael hasn't cleaned off the futon in the back room, so I don't have a great, clear, pleasing space for it. I know that's just another excuse, though, so maybe I just need to do it anyway.

So I'm thinking of ONLY being on facebook at work and a few minutes each day on the weekends, just to limit it a little more. I think email should be no more than 3 times a day outside of work, instead of 15 minutes. Because that allows me to quickly check it about 13 times, which is still pretty obsessive. So those are my new rules. eek. Let's see how week two goes.

On an unrelated note, today was a pretty good day for being on duty. I was miserable when I got up to go to the personal trainer, because I was still really sore and really tired, but I felt better when I came back. And then I talked to Alexis for over 2 hours while I cleaned my apartment, both of which made me feel really great. And tonight, Michael and I got dressed up and went to the parent auction to benefit the school...for four hours. I wasn't looking forward to it, because you all know how much I hate mingling, but it was actually REALLY fun. Thankfully, everyone was wearing name tags, so even though I didn't recognize anyone, I could easily chat to them about their kids and introduce them to Michael. So much better than the floundering I usually do. And the auction was really fun, even though I didn't win anything. There were some pretty great deals. The best one was a week-long vacation in a beautiful house in Park City, Utah with a PRIVATE DRIVER at your service all week. It went for $2300, which was way below value. If it hadn't have been the week of our cruise, we might have just gone for it. Instead, our res life boss snagged it. It was fun sitting at a table with him and my admissions boss, and just chatting and teasing each other all night. It reminded me how much I like working here, even if I don't always love my WORK so much.

So it's been a good week, but I definitely need to focus my efforts for next week!

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