Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today's Mommyhood Victory...

Wow. Motherhood is a time warp. And though (once again) there are a million posts that have been composed and left to meander in my head over the past month, I think we just have to jump into the present tense.

The present tense is tired. Exhausted, even. And painful. Especially in the nipple area.

So it's good to note and celebrate any small victories of the day. Here's todays:

Michael went grocery shopping today. (No, that's not the victory.) He brought home ribs for dinner, and boy did they smell delicious! While he made dinner, I fed the baby. Look at our perfect timing! I burped Milo and put him in his bouncer just as Michael brought our plates in. YAY! Food. mmmmm.

Of course, after two bites of dinner, Milo started fussing. He was in a sleepy state so I was hoping he might just settle down. I gave the bouncer a few extra vigorous bounces with my foot and he calmed slightly.

Phew. Back for bites three and four.

And then, the murderous wail that signifies gas pains. Sigh.

So up Milo comes, for some burping and comfort.  I continue to eat my veggies one handed.

And THEN I ask Michael to cut my ribs apart.

And I ate them one-handed.

That's right, folks. Just two weeks in and here I was, baby cradled over my shoulder in one hand, legs up on the table, and ripping the meat off of ribs with one hand and my teeth. Redneck? Maybe a little.

But c'mon...also a little impressive, no?

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