Monday, May 16, 2011

MIA Mommy

I fear the last oh...month or two has been some unfortunate foreshadowing of my ability to maintain this blog once Baby K comes along. The thing is, if I skip even one little thing, then I feel like I can't add an update until I catch up...and the longer I wait, the more intimidating it gets. So here's the super quick low-down on what you missed since the last real entries...

  • I had a horrible pain in my side and a nurse was worried it was kidney related and sent me to the ER. It wasn't kidney related so they sent me home. 
  • The next afternoon, I awoke from a nap literally unable to move without sobbing at the pain. And I was not entirely dressed. I had to call Michael and have him come home and help me get dressed and back to the ER, where we spent 7 hours doing all kinds of tests. During which, three different nurses couldn't find baby's heartbeat. Which would have been scary except that just when I was getting really nervous, baby decided to kick the little doppler thingie the nurse was using. I'm pretty sure he was mocking her.
  • I was out of work the rest of that week and luckily the pain started easing up on day three or so. I had to miss a huge event at work which was probably a good lesson for me that the world does still move even if I am confined to the couch. Unfortunately, I felt like I should be more productive with my time off, but I really couldn't do much of anything.
  • This led to the end of my exercising streak, which had been going really well. According to my book, this will have an ill effect on baby's brain development. But I maintain that it will probably result in better balance anyway. There's such a thing as too smart, you know.
  • Michael and I went on an amazing Babymoon/Anniversary weekend at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Boston, which was ridiculously posh. I mean, when I got up to the room, there was a man waiting at the door with decaf tea for me (because I was preggo!) and inside was a Congratulations cake in honor of both anniversary and baby. Sweet. The weekend also included fishing (for Michael) and a chocolate truffle making workshop with Kate (for me) and a motherhood massage (me again) and lots of amazing food. Oh, and the most lovely breakfast in bed ever. Really.
  • Two weeks later was my baby shower, which was amazing. Kate, Gina, and Linda planned it for Finale (a local desserterie) and there were mad libs and bath salts involved, so you know it was amazing. I got to have dinner and pedicures with Sammy and Linda the night before, and then have so many of my favorite people in one place for the actual shower on Saturday. I felt very spoiled. My mom was sick and couldn't make it, which was sad, but I felt lucky to be surrounded by so many people who are so excited for Michael and Baby and I. =)
  • Finally, we are making some progress on the nursery, with a little help from our friends. Thanks to Erin for putting together the crib and dresser and Gina for helping me reposition wall decals a million times! The room is really taking shape and makes me irrationally happy.
Okay, there you go. We're all caught up and I have no excuse not to get back in the swing of things with this blog!


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Jordan Knol said...

"I have no excuse not to get back in the swing of things with this blog!" Um, except being pregnant, right? I mean, that's a pretty good excuse. You being "in a family way" and whatnot. I'm just sayin'.