Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fuck it. I'm going to sleep.

Well. Today was up and down. Another night of sleep deprivation. Milo woke on the early side last night and I was SO exhausted that I poked Michael to do the bottle feeding. Michael decided to try an experiment and try to feed Milo in bed. Which meant I was awake and calming Milo for the 10 minutes it took to get the bottle ready, and then awake listening to him cry and refuse the bottle. I got up and went to sleep on the couch. Then Michael came out to the living room, so I went back to the bedroom. I'd been up for a half hour at that point, which means I would have been sleeping again already if I had just fed Milo myself.

This is so not working out for me.

When Milo woke next, it was 2 hours later and he was hungry enough to take the bottle. From me. When he started whimpering, I took him out of the room so as not to wake Michael. I'm pretty sure I should be up for wife of the year, at least, if not mother of the year. It took a good 45 minutes before I could go back to bed, which meant there was no way I was going to be ready to start work at 8 am.

Milo woke again at 8:15 and after feeding him, I pumped and showered and dressed. I got him dressed and grabbed a quick bite to eat while topping him off before I went to get my laptop set up so I can actually work. I get down to the tech office and am met by the IT guy's dog.

Why do people think it's okay to bring their dogs to work??

I'm allergic to dogs. For all I know, my son is too. I'm pretty sure I offended the IT guys with my obvious jitterbug to avoid the dog touching me or my son. sigh.

He sets me up and says it will take a half an hour so I tell him I'll go to admissions while he's doing it. I get some dorm stuff done while there and then finally head home with my computer a good two hours after I left the house. Though I'm counting this as "work"...I still haven't gotten any work done and it's 12:45 already. So I have a quick lunch, feed peanut, and go about testing and setting up files on my computer.

It turns out I can't access the two folders on the server that are most critical to the work that needs to be done soonest.

But now IT guy isn't responding to emails.

It's time for a webinar on social networking, but peanut starts whimpering because he's tired and can't fall asleep. So I snuggle him up on me and set up the webinar.

I've so got this.

In fact, this is the life...working from home, listening to my webinar with my baby all cozy on me.

I listen with interest for about 40 minutes, and the next thing I hear is "this webinar is closed."


Crap. I fell asleep. sigh.
And Milo did too. Which is awesome, except for that every time I move the slightest bit, he wakes up crying.

After some VERY slow maneuvering, I have one arm free in order to work one-handed with an awkward reach around Milo.

Then I get an email from our baby's photographer saying that she can't do Tuesday for Milo's 3 month shoot after all. Which pretty much makes me want to quit EVERYthing for some irrational reason. Originally we had booked for this Sunday, but then the photographer asked to switch to Saturday. Then she discovered the hurricane weather and suggested we try a back up date, only we couldn't find a weekend date for a good six weeks thanks to dorm parenting and her schedule. So I asked her about Tuesday afternoon, which is the ONLY free time we have next week, and then begged Michael to leave work early that day because this is so important to me. And, bless him, he said he'd work it out even though I know he thinks I'm beyond crazy with this whole picture thing.

And then she tells me she just booked someone else for that time slot because she thought I couldn't do it.

I'm seriously going to cry, because there is NO OTHER time I can do it before Milo is, like, walking. And I was so looking forward to this. And I am already really regretting that I didn't get belly or newborn pictures done.

So I reply back with a copy of my last email to her which clearly states that we are holding Tuesday for us and cross my fingers that she finds a way to make it work.

I try to go back to work, but Milo wakes up. At least he slept 2.5 hours this time. He really hasn't been sleeping during the day lately. Michael texts to tell me he's leaving the office and can I have Milo fed and ready to go to the last daddy/baby class. I finish just as Michael gets home and promise to order dinner by the time he comes back, because then he has to turn around and pick up our neighbors from the airport.  I won't even tell you how much money we've spent on take-out food this week. Suffice it to say Milo isn't going to have much of a college fund at this rate.

They leave and I FINALLY get two solid hours of work done. AWESOME. I feel on top of things again, because I've mocked up some really good postcards for my boss, which energizes me. I send them off to her just as the food gets here. Too bad I still owe the office another 2 hours.

After we finish eating, Michael heads to the airport and I put Milo to bed so I can finish some more work and/or clean the kitchen which resembles the town dump. Only messier.

But their flight is delayed (but not reported as such online. fuckers.) And Milo wakes up again. So I get a few emails done but then need to feed him.

Now it's 11:00. The kitchen is still a mess. The poop-soaked laundry never got done. I didn't get a chance to take Milo's 12 week photo. I still owe the office two hours of work. I'm supposed to be at a stroller strides exercise class at 9:45 am, which means waking up by 8:15.

Oh and did I mention that I have no pants that fit? My preggo jeans are falling off but my pre-preggo pants are too tight. Which should make this photo shoot on Tuesday interesting. Is it too much to hope that I might make it to TJ Maxx tomorrow?

Fuck it. I'm going to sleep. Hey, maybe tonight will be the night Milo sleeps for 9 hours straight.

Holy shit. Did you hear that thunder?

Let's hope we're not underwater by tomorrow morning.

And that Milo isn't afraid of thunder.

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