Friday, August 12, 2011

I am going to run over their feet with the stroller. Even if I have to go waaaay out of my way to do it.

Well. Last night was pretty torturous. For one thing, I couldn't fall asleep even though I felt bone tired. I think I fell asleep sometime after 2:00 am. At 3:00, the baby woke up, making hungry sucking and whimpering noises. But yesterday when we were at the pediatrician, I had asked the doctor for tips to get Milo to take a bottle, and she was seriously unconcerned, saying that there really weren't tips that she could offer that would work...when Milo gets hungry enough, he will take it. She also said no baby has ever willingly starved themself. Which is basically what I've been saying all along. So Michael and I had talked about soothing Milo back to sleep the first time he woke and trying a bottle the next time, when he was really hungry.

So at 3:00, I placed my warm hand on his chest and tummy, with a little weight, and I giraffed his ass.

(Michael has coined this phrase for when we use our trusty sleep giraffe on the white noise setting to calm Milo or lull him to sleep. As a side note, it actually isn't very effective to place the giraffe near baby's ass, as it needs to be quite loud to work. Putting the giraffe's ass near the baby's head works quite a lot better. But it's so much fun to turn nouns into verbs with phrases like "I'm gonna GIRAFFE your ass, little buddy.")

It worked, and he fell back asleep until 5:30, at which point, I woke Michael up and told him it was time for Milo's bottle. To which he mumbled something incoherent. I think he said he wanted to wait and see if the baby was serious or just fussing.

The baby was serious, as it turned out. So Michael went to warm the bottle. During that time, Milo got ravenous and was crying hard, which broke my heart since I was trying NOT to be the one to comfort him since I have read he can smell me and my milk which would not bode well for the bottle feeding. But it's kind of hard not to comfort your crying infant when they can see you a foot away from them. sigh.

I have to say that Michael has one parenting skill that I do not: seemingly endless patience. Even when he's really tired and really doesn't want to be awake and gearing up for another bottle fight, Michael is patient, chatting Milo up with calm, kind, sweet mutterings.  I wish I could be like that. Mostly I am silent. On that one occasion, I told Milo he was annoying. I'm going to have to work on this. After Michael came and grabbed peanut, the crying stopped, so I snuck out to the living room to see what was going on. It looked like Milo was eating! YAY! I snuck back to bed. About 20 minutes later, Michael came in with a sleepy, whiny peanut saying that Milo hadn't really eaten anything after all. Dammit.

Michael then attempted continued bottle feeding in the bed for the next 20 minutes. Right next to me. Where Milo could smell me and my leaking milk and I could see the pleading look in his eyes while his crying broke my heart a little bit. I wanted to hold firm, since I'd rather do this just once until he takes the bottle and gets used to it than continue this every night.  Michael seemed frustrated--at me. Eventually, I couldn't take it and offered to nurse the baby but Michael said it didn't make a difference at that point since there wasn't time to go back to bed.  I took the baby anyway and spent 45 minutes coaxing him to take one measly ounce from the bottle. He did. He took just enough to let him fall back asleep and not a drop more.

Willful little fucker we have on our hands.

Michael left for work tired. All three of us were in a bad mood, and Milo and I went back to sleep for a bit since I had had only three hours of sleep. But we couldn't sleep long since we had plans to meet one of the ladies from the moms group at the movies. And I had to pump, since I was all bursting at the seams. I got 4 ounces from each side and still had enough left to feed him. sheesh.

Of course we were late to the movies, but I found our friend (whose son was born on the same day as Milo) who had saved us seats. We saw the Change Up which had more bathroom humor than I like but was still very funny and entertaining, especially as it related to parenting babies and all the hassle, sleep deprivation, and joy that comes with. It was a baby-friendly showing, so the volume was lower and there was a changing table set up in the theater so you didn't have to miss the movie. Which was a really good thing, since soon after getting there, Milo needed a diaper change. And then, five minutes after getting back to our seats, he did it AGAIN. Sheesh. Only one diaper left in the bag--very risky! But after that, he fell asleep on me, in full turtle mode and it was so sweet that I kept staring at him instead of the movie. For a while, I leaned my cheek down on his soft cheek and stayed like that, think about how this was probably the highlight of my week, curled up all cozy with my cute sleeping baby while watching a great movie with a new friend.

Afterward, we went for lunch at the Yard House, which is very  baby friendly. They even opened the door for us. Don't get me started on that. Dude. If one more person stands NEXT to a door and watches me struggle with a stroller without offering to hold the door open I am going to run over their feet with the stroller. Even if I have to go waaaay out of my way to do it. Seriously. Anyway, they set up a table where we could fit the strollers and we had a really nice lunch. Milo was sleeping, so I decided to take care of returns at two different stores, which was awesome. Then it was time to head home to hand off Milo to Michael for the daddy-baby class.

Michael was exhausted and cranky and not really in the mood to go, but off they went. Without even saying goodbye. I felt...listless. I had planned an active day and actually was in a good mood...the first in days. But now I wasn't any more. I felt vaguely at odds with Michael for no explicit reason.  In an effort to cheer myself up, I called Alexis and went down to collect the mail and packages...which were supposed to include Greyson's birthday present but didn't. uhoh. Hope it gets here tomorrow since we leave tomorrow night to go meet our new nephew, Oakley, and celebrate Grey's birthday. On the way back up, I encountered some of our friends/neighbors out on the patio and since my phone had just died, I sat down to join them for a glass of wine they offered up.

I don't even drink wine, that's the crankypants mood I was in.

And then it turned out that Michael's daddy class was canceled, which he didn't know, because he had missed the last class because we were on vacation. (note to self--must write them a nasty letter. that's really obnoxious.)

So he came home, not in any better of a mood, and with a crying peanut. Which is weird, because Milo ALWAYS falls asleep in the car. Our neighbors were going to eat outside and offered to pick up food for us too, so we wound up having a spontaneous block party dinner with all of our favorite people. After a couple of hours in their company, I felt totally better. They are both very supportive and a good distraction. I love this place. Well, these people in particular. Please remind me to make plans with them often during the school year. It's worth the money for a babysitter to save our sanity.

Oh, and one other bright note from today--I called our insurance to file a claim on the Nissan, and was so impressed with our insurance, once again. They are super easy to deal with, they filed the claim in minutes, and it turns out there's a Nissan dealer on their preferred list. So apparently someone from Nissan will call tomorrow to arrange a good time for them to come pick up the car! So I don't even have to worry about getting it there and then getting home with the peanut. And then I guess enterprise will come drop off a car for me. If it all works as the guy said, I will be super impressed.and relieved.

Alright, I still need to go write that nasty letter to the daddy class place, write a nice one to our new nanny, and book our hotel. For tomorrow night. Which means deciding on one!

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