Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm totally going to throw a blanket over his head to get him to take a bottle...

When Milo was born, he was very good at sucking. He took to the breast, the pacifier, and the bottle easily. The nurses in the hospital exclaimed over his strong suck! A few weeks later, he stopped being able to keep the pacifier in. He seemed to want to, but his tongue would get in the way after a couple of sucks, and out it would pop. Week 7, he stopped taking a bottle as well. Which really sucks. No pun intended. I finally gave in and bought a $20 wubbanub monkey pacifier, in the hopes that the weight of it would help keep the pacifier in Milo's mouth. No suck luck.

Until today.

We were in the car, headed back to the hotel from the beach. Milo started crying, which is SUPER rare in the car because he usually falls quickly asleep. I tried to stick the pacifier in, but no go. It was lined up just right, but he couldn't latch on to really get going.

On a whim, I threw a blanket over his head to make him stop crying. I don't know why, but Milo REALLY likes having blankets over his face. Sometimes he does it to himself. At first I thought he was just confused and that's why he stops crying when it happens, but no, he actually likes it.

Sure enough, he stopped crying.

And THEN he started sucking!

Michael, Michael! He's sucking! I threw a blanket over his head and he did it! I'm going to totally throw a blanket over him and get him to take a bottle this way. We can call it the "Blanketwise" parenting approach.

I am so going up for mother of the year.

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