Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is such a set up for failure.

Thank god for nannies. Mine wasn't available this week, which was unfortunate since it's my first week back at "work." I get to work from "home" this year, since I live in the dorm on campus and they needed my office space for someone else. Here's the thing about working from home when you have a baby and no nanny: It takes at least two hours to do one hour worth of work. Which means it takes at least 14 hours to do 7 hours worth of work.

I've gotten approximately 7 hours total of sleep over the past two nights combined.

By the time Michael gets home, I've been working for ten hours yet still owe the school another three for the day.

Today, I got up at 7:30 after getting about four hours of sleep scattered throughout the night. I fed Milo, showered, and dressed. I started trying to work. He got fussy. Then hungry. I fed him. He immediately had a blowout all over the boppy pillow. I had just replaced the cover after laundering it from the last blowout.

I ran hot water through the poop on the boppy cover, the onesie, and the receiving blanket I used to pick him up and left it all to dry.

I went back to feeding him, then lulled him to sleep and got back to work.

He woke himself up 15 minutes later. I found a streaming kids music station online and tried to keep working. Only I couldn't access the server, which has everything I need to do work. I contacted tech support, who said I could stop by later this afternoon. I emailed them a time and tried to do some other prep work. Milo fell asleep moments before my 11:00 meeting at the office.

I have to move my car because they're doing tree work, so I put Milo in the car seat and figure I can drive to the office (and thus don't need the stroller). I get halfway there before remembering the appraisal people are coming today and expect to find the car in the lot outside the dorm. So then I get peanut out of the car and walk all the way to the office with the heavy carseat. I get there right on time but a previous meeting runs 30 minutes late and Milo is awake by the time my meeting starts.

Luckily, he is happy to lay on my shoulder and stare around and stays mostly quiet throughout the meeting. He's a good baby.

THAT meeting runs 30 minutes over, so I then have a half hour to go home, feed Milo, feed me, get my laptop, drop it off at tech and get to the office for a meeting with my boss. I decide to carry Milo home since he's fallen asleep on me and the car seat will be heavy to carry that far.

I'm running late and haven't heard from IT, so I send them an email telling them the laptop will be at my office for them to pick up or update there. I had left the car seat at the office, so this time I brought the stroller with my laptop and notes and diaper bag. I have a long meeting with my boss, during which I try to keep Milo quiet and wind up having to feed him. I hadn't brought the hooter hider since I had just fed him, and he keeps fidgeting, so I wind up fumbling with my boob a lot. My boss took it all in stride, bless her. We go through the projects I'm supposed to do in the first month or two and find I have approximately 12 that need to be done in the first three weeks. Which also contain two days of meetings. So I have 7 days (49 hours) to complete them, and I have child care for 35 of those hours.

This is such a set up for failure.

The meeting ends and it turns out tech never came by, so I walk down to their office only to find they aren't there. I walk all the way back home to find an email asking if I can do it tomorrow instead. Which means I still don't have access to do the work I need to do. Milo is hungry again by this point.

I feel like I've just run a marathon. And yet accomplished nearly nothing.

On the bright side, my baby sat through about 4 hours of meetings and was a model baby the whole time. And I was prepared for everything...he spit up and I had it cleaned off before he even knew what was happening. Unfortunately, he never slept for more than 20 minutes at a time all day so he probably won't sleep well tonight.

And, crap. Now I have a meeting of the dorm parents to get ready for opening the dorm. Which happens in a week. I am so not ready for that.

But I am ready for my nanny. In fact, I'm seriously regretting not just biting the bullet and booking her for 8 hrs/day instead of 5. I don't know why I thought I could do the other three hours of work with Milo. While dorm parenting. hahahaha.

I hope we all sleep deeply tonight. I have a lot to catch up on tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

oh, honey. HANG IN THERE! you need a break AND some help. the "hooter hider" made me laugh. i've never heard of that. breastfeeding in public gets easier and easier (milo will be MUCH better at it soon!)... nursing tops were key for me. even if you only have one. has the cheapest ones out there. i also wanted to remind you that you aren't wonder woman-- that role is already taken! you are, however, still one awesome mama!

Melisa K. said...

thanks, rebecca. that cheered me up a bit. =)