Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's almost May...

Last night, Michael and I went to dinner and a movie and had some time to kill before the movie, so we stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods. Michael got to pick out some bait, and I picked out some gym clothes...including gel padded bike shorts! It was pretty funny trying them on...I looked (and felt!) like I was wearing adult diapers. I tried on every style they had since I didn't really know what they were supposed to feel like and how they were supposed to fit. I settled on a pair that you wear under your regular clothes, because, well...I guess I'm a little vain even when working out. What can I say? In any case, they really helped. Melissa and I did a spin class tonight and while it still hurt, it was much more tolerable and I kind of got used to it.

I realized that I definitely had too many goals for this month. I've done a lot of them, but I won't finish all of them and I didn't make any time for Danish learning. I do like the purpose these focii give to my out-of-work hours, but it really can be hard to make them a priority. In any case, in future months, I'll need to limit my goals. Yes, they are all individually do-able, but when there's ten...

Here's where my goals stand as April draws to a close:

Weekly goals for the month:

•Get to the gym 3-4 times per week
•Alternate days of push-ups and sit-ups, doing more each time than the time before (doing this on non-gym days could be a good goal)
•Get out for more walks! Shoot for at least once a week...this can replace a gym visit.
•Use a pedometer (already purchased!) and try to work up to 10,000-12,000 steps a day. (10,000 is considered a healthy "active", while 12,000 initiates and sustains weight loss.)

One-time goals for the month:
•Try the following classes, at least once: Zumba Dance, spinning, Body pump, and Tai Chi
•Get the Try Pack of 3 professional training sessions so I can feel more comfortable with weights especially (maybe then I'll get a small set for home use)
•Read "Body for Life" and "You: On a Diet" so I can return them to the friends that lent them to me.
•Find some guided meditations online to try out.
•Register for the August meditation retreat, even if I can't get anyone else to go with me (I AM DOING THIS!!)

It's time to start thinking about a focus for May.

So here are the months I've done:
1) De-cluttering & organizing
2) Intimacy and connections
3) Learning Danish
4) Exercise and Meditation (sort of--need more meditation)

and the ones that are still to do:
August) Writing
June) Cooking, eating healthy & cleaning
3) Volunteering & helping
4) Being low-tech (especially outside of work hours)
July) Creating (glass, wedding video, print pictures, marriage year photobook)
6) Money: Saving, Budgeting and Investing 101
November?) Being joyful/"me" time
8) Boundaries and Balance (recognizing choices)

I'm thinking either money or being low tech. Being low-tech might free up time to continue with Danish and meditation. But May is the last full month of dorm parenting for a while, so would be a good time to look at budget issues. We're also renewing health care in May, which means figuring out whether we want to do a flex spending account.



Anonymous said...

Missy, I really admire you for having so many goals. My only goal right now is to work out more in preparation for our upcoming cruise! But it is hard for me to find the motivation to run every day, especially between work and school. I don't know how you handle everything, but it is impressive. If anyone can complete all of those goals it would be you. You should add in "Trip to Cleveland" as well though. Good luck with the month of May!

Melisa K. said...

Thanks, Les! It is always hard to get started, but I've found that the more goals I have the easier it is actually. I guess that's because I'm kind of competitive. =)