Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Start!

Well, my pedometer didn't get here today, which was disappointing. I wasn't able to take a baseline step count for the day. I did take a baseline weight and waist measurement--my new book I'm reading says your waist size has more to do with being healthy than weight.

After work, I sat outside and talked to a student until dinner instead of taking a nap. Being outside was so uplifting! (as was connecting with one of my girls) While the students were in study hours, I snuck away to the gym and read my "You: On a Diet" book, which gave me some good tips (about the benefits of eating a cup of oatmeal at breakfast and walnuts throughout the day, for example). Luckily (depending who you ask), Michael had to take the kids on a grocery run tonight, so hopefully he'll come back with some oatmeal and walnuts for me to try.

I also was listening to my meditation CD (I forget what it's called) and was struck by the idea that pain is caused by holding onto something and generosity by letting go of something. I found this really interesting, especially since I am such a control freak, constantly grasping at anything and everything and holding on as tightly as possible.

The other thing I was struck by was the idea that true wisdom and fearlessness (enlightenment) come from realizing there is no attainment; no resting place. Can you imagine the significance of this for me? I take this to mean I'd be much better off without the to-do lists. The journey is more important than the destination, and all that.

I'll be pondering that while I see how many push-ups I can do. I don't imagine it will take very long. I'll guess...3. (Don't laugh! You try it.)


Amanda N. said...

I am so excited for your exercise month! Can't wait to see how it goes. I find running to be the best stress reliever in the world, and it gets me tired enough to get some quality sleep at night.

Melisa K. said...

Thanks, Amanda. I have to say, I felt so great today after spending time outside and getting exercise that I have high hopes that this month might actually change my life if I can just stay committed. I never got into running, but maybe I'll try it. =)