Saturday, April 3, 2010

On a Roll

I started reading my new book "How Not to be Afraid of Your Own Life" and I LOVE it. Seriously, I'm one chapter in and already planning the friends that I want to send it to. It just really makes sense. And you know what's interesting? Some of the basic principles of Buddhist meditation (and perhaps Buddhism in general?) relate back to some of the most basic principles of Judaism and the ideas behind celebrating shabbat. I was reading it at the gym today (YES! I went!) and it was hard because I wanted to be underlining the bits that were striking so I could come back to them. I felt like I should be studying it...taking notes so I could review later. But mostly I was just excited because it was striking a chord in me. A chord that I've been wanting to be struck, if that makes any sense.

I also found out that a half hour at the gym is roughly 2500 steps. Which is good, but makes me think that 10,000 a day is optimistic. From what I read, it seemed like they were saying if you do cardio for 30 mins per day, you'd automatically be right around 10k per day. But my grand total for today is only 5243 at 7pm. Granted, I spent several hours on my couch this morning...after sleeping in until past ten. But still. Well, at least I will do better today than I did yesterday.

I want to try to do more than 2 push-ups tonight too, but my arm is kind of killing me for unknown reasons, so I'm not sure if I really will.

And, in other good news--I got my house cleaned today. All but the laundry and "back room" which is mostly Michael's stuff at this point anyway. It took 2.5 hours but I talked to a friend on the phone the whole time, so it was more enjoyable than you might think. Though in the end I felt a little disappointed in myself for not spending any time outside on this beautiful day. I think tomorrow Michael and I will take the boat out though...after he fixes it! It got plowed into a tree by a snowplow at the school, even though we thought we had stored it far enough away from the parking lot. Now it has two holes in it. =/ Michael bought some liquid welding to fix it, so hopefully that will work.

And, in yet more good news--I ACTUALLY ordered my new computer today, after lots of research (but not as much as I normally do). In fact, it practically felt impulsive. But I just didn't want to continue to torture myself...or Michael...or my facebook friends...with my indecision and "research" and verbal processing. I'm so excited for it to get here...I can't wait. But I'll have to--two weeks, probably. Sigh. I also ALMOST went and bought a whole bunch of accessories--I spent about an hour (maybe more) looking at pretty laptop sleeves and wireless mice. Then I suddenly just stopped and told myself I didn't need it. I don't even have the laptop yet!

I did buy one thing though...a Curly Girl laptop skin...and I am SO FREAKING excited about it. It practically makes up for not being able to get that sparkly chocolate copper laptop I saw. =)

Hey, I'm on such a roll--maybe I'll fit in Danish study tonight! Meanwhile, I can't even find words to tell you how good it feels to have my first, real weekend day at home in...I can't even remember how long. Even if I did spend it inside and cleaning.

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