Friday, April 2, 2010

That's more like it

Alright, I sort of failed on the exercise front today. BUT--if I go both days this weekend, I will still have met my goal for the week (and it was a short week, since the month started Thursday!)

My pedometer got here this morning, and I've logged about 4300 steps today, but I didn't get it until around 11 am. So I'd guess I log around 5000 on the average day. Which isn't good, but better than I would have guessed. So we'll use that as the baseline and try to double it by month's end. (PS I really like my omron pedometer that can count calories and steps and resets at midnight each night...also you can put it in a purse instead of attaching it to you and it's still accurate.)

I worked until 6 pm and then went to look at computers one last time, which was worthwhile because I found I didn't like the asus after all. I fell in love with a sparkly, copper Sony and nearly got it even though it didn't have the specs I was looking for. I'm a sucker for sparkly, well-designed things.

BUT for the same price as the sony, I can get a toshiba with more features, so I think I'm going to ACTUALLY order one tomorrow. Then I just have to wait 1-2 weeks for it to arrive! (Anyone want my old Toshiba? Once formatted, it would probably be fine for basic internet/word processing or a kid)

I was feeling pretty cranky and figured I'd go to the gym when I got home. REALLY planned on it. But when I got here, Michael was cooking dinner: steak, sweet potatos, and salad. It was so sweet, because he knew I was cranky. So, there went the gym, since we didnt finish until 9 and then I was done.

On the bright side--I listened to more of my audio CD and established my baseline for sit-ups. I'm proud to report a healthy 60 sit-ups. That's healthy, right?

Since I can sleep in tomorrow, I'm seriously considering finally running that hot bath I've been craving for two weeks...

I have high hopes for the weekend: exercise both days, maybe out on the boat with Michael, Danish learning, and cleaning the house. (exciting, I know) But: at the same time, I will try to unattach from the idea that I am striving to reach a certain "resting" place and will try to engage in each activity as it comes, without judgment of good or bad. We'll see how it goes. =)

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