Sunday, April 25, 2010

Over 11,000 steps!! Woo hoooo!

This was a pretty good weekend for being on duty. Our apartment got cleaned. I got to the gym both days, including a Zumba class with Melissa. Which was pretty crazy. The instructor was a salsa-goddess-on-speed and even though she knew we were new, she didn't offer any instruction so it was a pretty frantic class. I almost became a Zumba class dropout, but Melissa has more perseverance than I do, which is a good influence on me. I think I could like it if the instructor calls out the moves, but I also think I prefer other genres of dance classes. Gina came over last night and went to see our girls in the musical with me. And we got to talk about Eckhart Tolle and the ego all day today, which is always fun. And I got the pedicure I was supposed to get last week. And we had lots of leftover pavlova. AND I've got over 11,000 steps today already--an all-time high for this month. Now if only I could go to sleep head has been killing me today, and I think I might be having some allergy issues. It's making it awfully hard to want to do anything productive.

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