Thursday, April 15, 2010

Points of Elation

1) While at the gym for the SECOND time today--in a pilates class with Melissa--I caught sight of myself in the mirror and found myself thinking wow. I look kind of good, actually. Which doesn't happen very often. And almost never while at the gym. Obviously.

2) Push-ups were part of the pilates routine today and I COULD DO THEM. Which is awesome, because two weeks ago I couldn't. Go me.

3) Don't tell my boss, but I had free time at work today. For, like, the first time in 3 years. Well, I MADE free time. There was work I could have been doing, but it wasn't as pressing as what we've been doing lately. So I went baby name searching instead. Don't judge. Here's what I found: Zalina, Naima, Anikka, and Aleksia. All of which were supposedly supposed to be from the Danish culture, but Michael says only the last two are. For some reason, I am drawn to names with K's in the middle. I really like Mikkel (you have to hear it with Michael's accent) but I think it's too close to Michael. (In case you are wondering--no, I am not pregnant. This is just my favorite way to procrastinate.) Also in my free time, I went shopping on amazon and bought: crystal light white peach green tea packets (green tea is SUPER good for you, according to Dr. Oz's book), 48 packs of orange tic tacs, the book Devotion by Dani Shapiro (which relates to this month's meditation theme), new key toppers (because all of my monsters have disintegrated and I can no longer tell my keys apart, and a beautiful (hopefully) new laptop sleeve which hopefully will get here tomorrow so I can safely pack up my laptop for what will hopefully be a weekend hotel retreat.

4) I was totally zen about the fact that Michael still doesn't know what his fishing plans are this weekend, which are at the center of my hotel plans. Thus, I haven't yet booked anything and am flying by the seat of my pants. If he gets to fish, we'll be in plymouth. Otherwise, we'll be in yarmouth or amherst. yay hotel weekends!!

5) I got to have a hot bath and read my new Oprah magazine, which is an especially good issue, as it's their 10th anniversary. Lots of good stuff to soak up.
6) Right now, I am burning my eucalyptus spearmint "stress relief" candle and it is filling our home with the BEST smell EVER. aaaaaah. I am reveling in it.

If only I could go to bed right now, it'd be the perfect night. I probably could if i hadn't left Michael on duty alone for most of the night.

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