Sunday, February 7, 2010

7 out of 10 for connecting, but a red letter day overall.

Pretty good day today. After the joyful singing and cleaning, Gina and I went to the gym and ran errands. We may have even snuck in a trip to BK for old times' sake. But don't tell Michael. (good thing he doesn't read his wife's blog, huh?) =)

We got home in time to make our own wings for the super bowl, and we tried out a new mango ginger BBQ sauce that was pretty complex and delicious.  Since we're the kings of condiments, we also had 3 other sauces. =)  I don't even like wings, and I liked these. mmm mmmm Good!  I read files while Gina and Michael watched the game, because who are we kidding--we all know I haven't cared about football since I bet against Amanda and the Bills in 7th...and 8th grades. And won. =)

Unfortunately, when I read files, I can't stop eating.  I went from chips and salsa right on to berries and barely stopped myself from moving onto the ice cream. (That's next, though.)

It felt like a full and happy day, and at the end of it, my house is clean. Which makes me irrationally joyful.  I figure since the singing worked, I should try some of the other tips I've read about happiness.  Maybe I'll just start recording joyful/grateful moments from my days.

Yesterday, I was glad for the moment when my mom handed the phone over to my dad, but said "I still want to talk to you again when he's done."  And for sitting with Gina on the kitchen counters, having a philosophical/psychological/emotional conversation about childhood and family and moving forward.

Today, I was most joyful when belting out Melissa Etheridge while cleaning (much to Michael's amusement).  And I was grateful for Gina getting me to the gym and accompanying me on errands I really didn't want to run and have been putting off for too long.  And to Michael, for doing ALL of my laundry and still finding the energy to vacuum and fold his only laundry even though he was only doing it for me.

7 out of 10 for connecting, but a red letter day overall.

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