Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nothing to see here, folks.

Two really good and long conversations with girls in the dorm today. But I can't really tell you anything about them. I wish I could but then I'd have to make it a private blog and you wouldn't be able to read it anyway. So, yeah. 9 out of 10 on the scale for the dorm, but not so good in any other department. And I am still really, really tired.

I don't feel like I'm making much headway. And I feel like there's less to write about since I don't want to violate anyone else's privacy. So the writing isn't going well either.  (Isn't it ironic that writing about de-cluttering was more interesting? Now I really feel like I have issues.) 

Maybe I should combine connection with low tech month, since that might help with the connecting. (Don't worry, I wouldn't include the blog in being low tech.)

What do you think?

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