Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smarty McCleverpants, that's me.

It's already midnight, so this is gonna be REAL short. 'Cause I've been REAL tired lately.

Let's did I do today? Well, I connected with my boss, and tried to be a grown up and ask for what I need.  And though I didn't exactly get resolution, it was a good conversation and connection. So that was a good start.

I connected with a few friends over email throughout the day. And I had the following exchange with Michael, which doesn't quite count as connecting but did make me smile, so I thought I'd share.

Michael: Well, aren't you the Smarty McCleverpants!
Me: Yes, yes I am.   I think.    But only if you mean it in a good way. How is it even possible to be this tired? 3 more interview evals left….
Michael: I am not sure how it's possible to be that tired. Then again, I don't know personally how that tired feels, so it's hard to answer. But generally it comes from not actually going to bed early when one is already tired and states the need and desire to do so. It's generally brought about through interaction with a TV and/or a laptop computer at a time that is generally known to cause nights of insufficient sleep and resulting in exhaustion and/or tiredness.
Me: That’s an interesting theory. And I would buy it except for the fact that it seems I have been this tired for approximately 642 days. Give or take.
Michael: It is also possible you pissed off some deity somewhere. Less likely, but a possibility nonetheless.  

Which is another good argument for wrapping this up and getting to bed.   

So...I gave in to a two hour nap after work, which wasn't good, because that was when I planned to call Tina and catch up with her.  And when I woke up, I heard sounds of cooking and came out to find Michael making me a surprise dinner. Delicious!  Then Gina came and we all ate and went to the gym.  And even that felt like connecting, because I ran into two other friends at the gym.  And even though I used to dread meeting people I know at the gym, this time it just felt really good. It sounds cheesy, but I don't just made me feel all hey...we're all in this together.  Which was nice.

And it was my first time back at the gym since getting sick and at first I coughed a ton, so I had to slow down, but I made it through the workout!

We got back just in time for dorm meeting, and afterward, I REALLY connected with some of the girls, including one I don't usually connect with that much.  But then I found out some pretty depressing stuff about another student in the dorm.  But writing this blog has made me realize this month will be hard to write about in some ways...because it's hard to write about meaningful connections while protecting others' privacy. There's a lot of stuff I can't write about, in all fairness. hrmmm.

So...good on the dorm and work front, less good on the friend/family front,  and even less good on the husband front.

Maybe a 6 out of 10.

Sorry if this was a boring update. Or if it didn't really make much sense.  I'm really tired and it's late and Michael is watching the most disturbing movie ever (The Butterfly Effect).  We'll all do better tomorrow. =)

night night. 

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