Sunday, February 7, 2010

But I'm joyfully tone deaf.

We just cleaned our whole house--including dishes and getting laundry in--in about an hour. So there is a bright side to having a small apartment. Of course, spending all of last month de-cluttering might have had something to do with it. 

I feel so satisfied when my efforts pay off like this.

Michael feels like he married a crazy woman.

My words, not his. But I'm pretty good at interpreting his smiles and looks.

Oh--and I tried the awakening joy singing suggestion...I wore my mp3 player while I cleaned. And sang my heart out. I think it really did make me happier. It definitely made the cleaning more enjoyable. (That and my lavender dish soap!)

Michael laughed his heart out.  He says he thinks I might actually be tone deaf, but it's very cute and very entertaining for him.  This is news? Of course I'm tone deaf. 

But I'm joyfully tone deaf.


Alexis said...

He thinks you MIGHT be tone deaf? lol

Melisa K. said...

hahaha. gee, thanks.