Monday, February 8, 2010

I sound like a 4-year-old.

Well, Michael brought home more eggs and cupcake mix, and take two went MUCH better. So much better that it's a good thing I went to the gym 5 times in the last week. Oops. Next time I won't use the cream cheese frosting I love so much.

Today was mostly work, since it's application reading season. But thanks to Gina, we did make it to the gym. And though I had a somewhat distracted (on both ends) conversation with one friend, I was able to connect for a good 40 minutes with a bunch of the girls after the dorm meeting, so that was good. I was hoping for a little more Michael time, but somehow it got really late already.

Today while I was reading files, I felt my usual 2:00 slump. I really wanted a nap, but instead I put on my mp3 player and made cupcakes. And sang. Out loud. And you know what. It did lift my mood. I even thought to myself hey, I kind of like baking. I should do this more often. At least, until I looked up from my files with my nose sniffing burnt cupcakes. sigh. But still, the singing was good. You should try it.

It was enough to get me back to my files. And I had a theory that if I could resist napping and do something engaging instead, then I could move past the energy block.

Sadly, it didn't quite work that way. I did make it through, and I made it to the gym, but I was still really tired and crankier than I am when I take a nap.

I sound like a 4-year-old.

I've also noticed that my connecting month doesn't feel all that different from life before. I am meeting my connecting goals, but it's not feeling very intentional. I think I might need to seek a more active level of engaging. It's good that so much connecting happens naturally in my life. But the whole point of this month is to CHOOSE connecting. Especially when I'd rather be sleeping or reading or hibernating.

That's really hard when I crave naps like I do. But the good thing is--I can always try again tomorrow.

Hmmm....6 out of 10 so far today.

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