Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I skipped writing yesterday, and I already forgot what happened. Hmmm. I know I brought leftover cupcakes to work, and I got to connect with a colleague for a good 30 minutes, since we were both early for a meeting because we forgot the day's schedule had changed. And I gave in to a nap but we still made it to the gym. And Michael cooked yummy dinner and I still haven't done the dishes. =/ And then, he went to put his arm around me while on the couch and somehow wound up smashing his elbow into my eye socket at an alarming velocity. I'm fine, but it was touch and go for a minute there. Michael felt really bad about it, and I was hoping he might do the dishes as a result, but no luck. And we had a dorm meeting, so I got to connect with some students afterward. Other than that, I really can't remember. I think there was something fun I wanted to write about, but it's gone now. Lesson learned.

Today, we had a snow day. It was called last night. We didn't get any snow. Sadly, I couldn't even sleep in because I had two phone interviews scheduled with international students, so that took a good chunk of the morning. Anyway, I spent the rest of the day reading files, mostly--with 10 minutes internet breaks in between every 3 or so files. Each application takes 20-30 minutes to review. I read 12 today, which isn't as many as I should have. During that time, I ate 1.5 cupcakes, an entire package of strawberries, two boxes of orange tic tacs, 3 lindt truffles, and a can of Dr. Pepper. This is not good, especially as I didn't make it to the gym.

Also, I took a nap. I felt SOOO tired but I suspect it was just eye strain from reading/concentrating with glasses most of the day. My old eye doctor used to be appalled/impressed with the "impossible" amount of reading I do. I only see out of one eye at a time--so have no depth perception really, and even with contacts or glasses, my eyes constantly have to translate what they see through a complicated, learned-from-experience algorithm. The eye doctor said most people like me don't enjoy reading and do it as little as possible. She was shocked at how much I read for pleasure, after doing computer work/reading all day at work.

Anyway, we made some lobster ravioli for dinner (we got it at Costco--good find!) and I went right back to the files. It's 10:00 now and I don't feel like I've moved all day. Other than getting restless every few minutes while reading files. I did spend about an hour online, finding little surprises to send to some family and friends for various reasons. And I connected with Camilla, my sister-in-law, through facebook message. But otherwise, I kind of failed on the connecting front today.

Though I could tell you all about some really adorable and compelling applicants! Maybe there's still hope for connecting with Michael, but he's putting together some impossibly tiny figure thingies for a game he wants to play tomorrow...

Do I take the 30+ minutes to connect with myself in a bath with wine and a magazine? Or go back to reading files to get a head start on tomorrow? With about 18 files left...I guess I better get back to them.

fail, fail, fail. I say that nonchalantly though. I'm not all depressed or defeated or anything. Maybe a little reproachful. But I'll still try again tomorrow.

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