Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ain't that some shit.

Well. Today isn't off to the best start.

Milo has decided that he will NOT take a bottle from daddy during the night anymore. He's been taking a bottle from daddy for one night time feeding since day 7, which provides mommy with some relief/sleep. About a week ago, he only ate 2 oz during that feeding, which has slowly dwindled down to refusal to eat anything at all. Today, Michael spent 45 minutes trying to get Milo to take that bottle, but Milo just got pissed off and fell asleep. Michael brought him back into the bedroom, and I gave him the bottle. He fussed a bit, got mad, let himself choke on the milk, and then drank that bottle down, clearly hungry. We have no idea what's different, but I do know that this does not bode well for mommy's sleep. Which is unacceptable.

Then, just a few minutes after I get peanut to finish that bottle, daddy comes back in (after trying to leave for work) to tell me the Camry is stuck in the middle of the parking lot and won't go into gear. Sounds like the shifting cable broke. (Look how smart I sound!) This on top of the fact that we had to get AAA to bring a new battery for that car less than two weeks ago. And it's been making a funny rattle when you step on the gas, but only sometimes.

So...awesome. Good thing I was at home, I guess. Even better thing that we have a video monitor, so I could feel okay leaving the baby sleeping while I went down to meet the AAA tow truck.

So now I'm stuck without a car (and probably with a huge repair bill.) In the same month as the hospital bills. And I'm tired. And engorged. But afraid to pump since it's now almost time for another feeding.

Ain't that some shit?

At least we have the vacuum/mop to look forward to.

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runningwiththejig said...

Maybe he is ready to drop that late night feeding? He could be nursing for comfort...