Friday, July 22, 2011

This is how much I like my neighbors, and how lucky I am:

This is how much I like my neighbors, and how lucky I am:

The car was ready to be picked up this morning (only $415 later), and I didn't like the idea of being car-less, so I emailed our campus residents to see if anyone could bring me, Milo, and a carseat to the mechanics to pick up our car. Three minutes later, I received a response from a neighbor who was happy to bring us. YAY!

But it gets better. Because we had set a time of 11:30-noon and at 11:30, Milo needed to eat and I still hadn't showered or gotten dressed and was REALLY tired and wishing I didn't have to move.

And then I got a text message from said neighbor, saying that it was too hot to bring Milo outside into the heat, and did I want her and her partner to go pick up the car for us?

Wow. Seriously? Of course I did. Who is even that nice? I can't get over it. Having a baby has greatly increased my fondness for people, which is a surprising twist of events really.

As for meeting my daily goals, I met with mixed success. Michael did the laundry--I have not yet folded it. I did dye my hair, though I waited until Michael got home because I figured if the baby started screaming his head off mid-dye job, that'd be tricky to handle, what with all the toxic chemicals and all. I called the lactation consultant, but it turned out she was on vacation. I didn't get to try out the vacuum (Michael put it together!) and new steam mop--so that's on my list for today. Too bad it's 3:30 already. BUT I did find and phone interview two nannies who seem SUPER promising (much more so than the last one) so we have them coming in for interviews tomorrow and Monday (more motivation to actually clean.) I also emptied and re-filled the dishwasher. AND I finally booked our Burlington, VT vacation. YAY! Something to look forward to. And Michael doesn't know it yet (because he doesn't read my blog) but we are totally going to stop and do the Ben and Jerry's factory tour and maybe the Magic Hat brewery tour on the way up. WOOT. (hopefully Michael will agree to this, since it will mean parking the boat in some random parking lot.) =/ Fingers crossed.

I've been okay with the idea of the nanny because I'll be working from home and still able to see Milo all the time. This morning I got an email from our dorm parent boss, detailing the 8 hours of training we'll be doing to launch the school year at the end of August. That's $120 of nanny care, in case you were wondering. Which is appalling enough, but even worse...I totally, gut-clenchingly, freaked out about the idea of not being with/near Milo. And I have to say, the sheer force of my resistance REALLY surprised me. I'm still reeling from it, as I examine it and wonder why/how it can be so strong. Let's hope it diminishes by the end of August. Maybe we can find a friend to stay with Milo...maybe that would help. agh.

Oh! Milo really is smiling on purpose now. He doesn't do it all the time, but it is definitely in reaction to his parents and not gas, which is exciting. I've been suspecting as much for over a week, but I think because Milo doesn't see Michael until the evening, when he is less chipper, Michael hadn't gotten to see it yet. But then last night, Milo smiled at Michael! Huge, open mouthed, daddy-magnet smile. It was pretty much magic. How will I ever stop staring at my baby and get anything done?

Goals for today include: the two lingering thank you notes for Milo gifts, folding and putting away the laundry, showering (which didn't happen yesterday), emptying the dishwasher, ordering a thank you gift or two that has been on my mind, and (finally) doing the kitchen and bathroom floors with the new vacuum and mop. AND taking Milo's 7-week photo (which technically should have been taken yesterday....shhhh, don't tell.) And, sometime soon, I need to go through the mail/bills and get to work on those college counseling projects...I promised two families I would get back to them by next week.

So that clearly doesn't fit with the "pick one thing, overachieving new mom" rule. hmmm. Okay, the floors are the one thing. But the shower and photo are a really close second.

And--I decided to email the thank yous. I really have been meaning to write proper, old-fashioned, snail mail thank yous, but I'm afraid if I hold out for that it will never happen. So. That's some progress there, right? Letting go.

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