Sunday, July 31, 2011

Too Tired for Witty

I don't have time to be thorough or witty, so here's what happened today:
  • Michael got up at 4:30 to go fishing, so I let him skip a bottle feeding. Then Milo and I decided to stay in bed until 1:00 pm when Michael came home with bruegger's bagels for brunch. We all got cozy on the couch together while we watched some DVR and had brunch.
  • Milo had a HUGE blowout that went through the double-layered swaddler and the cradle sheet. When I went to change him, it turned out he wasn't quite done. Ew. I cleaned him up, only to have him then pee all over himself. I cleaned that up and went to put his clothes on only to find that his back was all wet because he was sitting in a lake of his own pee that I guess had dribbled down his side and hidden from view. Awesome. 
  • We really need to bathe our son more often. Of course, though we had said we would do it today, we didn't. We are not going to make parents of the year, that's for sure.
  • We did not get anything ready for the yard sale, other than make new signs to put out in the morning, which means we have a LOT to do tomorrow morning.
  • I DID take Milo's 8 week photo, only two days late. He wasn't playing along though, and none were coming out well, so after he fell asleep I took some more and those were cuter. Then, since he was sleeping, I had fun posing him a bit and took some other super cute pics of him!
  • I actually had a lot of fun taking a stroll down this year's memory lane in order to update my vows for tomorrow's vow renewal. You can't think about the highlights of the year with your husband and not feel uplifted. My vows turned out to be over two pages though. Oops. (Don't know how I'm going to fit THOSE in the year 3 marriage book!)
  • I agreed to meet one of my college counselees on Monday to talk about essays and other college stuff. Which means I really need to spend a few hours prepping for that meeting. agh. (yes, I suck at boundaries.)
  • We also made it to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on a SATURDAY night, with 6 adults and 4 babies! It's great that Michael got to meet some of the husbands of the moms in my group at his class on Thursday. (did that make sense?) Anyway, the women all knew each other and the men all knew each other which was cool. And we had so much to talk about, since our kids are all around the same age and we're all new at this parenting thing. It's great that none of us have to feel self-conscious if our baby starts crying or needs to eat, since we're all in the same boat. And it turned out that we stayed for three hours, so ALL of the kids had to eat at some point.
  • Plus, today was National Cheesecake Day or some shit like that, and all the cheesecakes were half off. Sweeeet.
  • I'm about to go check out the new breast flow bottle that got here today so Michael can use it tonight. I'm praying it makes a difference so we won't have to come home early from our anniversary date tomorrow night.

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