Friday, July 15, 2011

In which we venture to the movies.

I knew that if I wanted any chance of hitting Target for swim diapers before the 11:45 am movie, I had to start my day right after the 7:30 feeding. sigh. Was it really worth getting up "early" for, after only a few hours of sleep?

Yeah, I wanted to see if a movie was really plausible with Milo. I love movies and I knew it would make me happy if I could manage it. So after I fed him, I got up and pumped (a whole SEVEN ounces...woohooo! That's two bottles, for the uninitiated.) Milo was still snoozing, so I crawled back into bed. Bad idea. It was 9:00 and I had to get moving by 9:30, so I set my alarm.  At 9:15, Tiff called and asked if I was awake. hmmm. How to answer?

Since I wasn't going to get any more sleep, I started getting our day ready while Tiff and I chatted about various baby stuffs. At 10:15, I realized Milo was going to be hungry soon and I hadn't showered yet, so I hastily ended our call feeling sad that she lives so far away. I set up the video monitor and jumped in the shower. Just as I was getting dressed, Milo woke up hungry...just on time.  I had to give up on the idea of Target at this point, but we were still on track for the movie, so I sat down with my iPad and started feeding Milo.  Unfortunately, we got seriously sidetracked by a 4-diaper incident (see earlier post) and wound up leaving the house just 10 minutes before the movie was supposed to start. Good thing there's always 15 minutes of previews!

I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I'd get bringing Milo in his car seat into the movie theatre. For all I knew, they might have some kind of rule against that sort of thing. But I figured they can't really ban babies, so I marched onward. The ticket lady was actually super excited about him, asking how old he was, and telling me how much she loves babies. (Great, let's hope the other movie goers feel that way too!) In fact, Milo drew a small crowd, though he slept through all the fawning.

I figured he'd sleep through most of the movie, but of course that didn't happen. Ten minutes in, he started fussing, but I was unfazed. I figured I'd pick him up and get all cozy and he'd fall back asleep. What actually happened was that he started wriggling around, bobbing for nipples, and throwing his head around until he finagled himself  close to my breast at which point he began sucking on my shirt. Ah. Apparently the little bugger thought he was hungry. Ridiculous, since he had just eaten a mere hour and a half ago, but I figured it'd be easier to feed him than try to bounce him and rock him and calm him, so I did. Boy can that boy eat. Must be the growth spurt. Luckily, after that he really did fall asleep on me and it was just about the coziest thing ever. I was so happy. I was seriously grinning like the Cheshire cat in the movie theatre. I love movies. I love Milo. Especially when he's sleeping. So this was a serious love fest.

After the movie, I was just in time to rush to my 6-week postpartum check up, and was feeling pretty smug after managing a movie with a 6 week old.  Of course, just as we were heading into the office, Milo decided he was hungry again. Not possible! It hadn't even been two hours yet since the last feeding, and he had gone for a good half hour! Agh. Freaking growth spurts. Of course this was the day the dr. kept me waiting. So there I am, sitting on the exam table naked from the waist down,trying to soothe my 6-week old. Not feeling so smug anymore, either.

So the doctor comes in and upon being assaulted by Milo's wails, asks if I want to feed him and she can come back. (Why yes, I want to continue to sit in this hot office half naked, sticking to the paper on this exam table, while I let Milo chew up my already-raw nipples and run the risk that you will never return.) Um, no.

I thanked her for asking, but told her I actually really didn't want to feed him.

Which prompted some supportive advice about how switching to pumping or even formula wouldn't harm him one bit if I wanted to stop breastfeeding.

Mostly, I just wanted to get dressed and get some burger king, since it was 3 pm and I hadn't eaten anything yet today.

So she continued the exam, pronounced me healed enough to swim and take baths (yay!) and have sex (yay?) and asked me what I wanted to do about birth control. hahahaha.

Milo, who never screams, screamed his head off the whole time I tried to make our next appointment. Even after I calmly explained to him that the nice receptionists were having a hard time hearing their phone conversations. Kids.

Of course, by the time we got to the parking garage, he was fast asleep. So I'm wondering whether to wake him and feed him since he's starving or take my chances that he'd sleep in the car.

Well, the parking garage charges by the half hour, so I took my chances. And it worked out fine until I slowed down at the Burger King drive through.  Oops.

He fell asleep again once we started moving though--you've gotta love cars, huh? I got him and my lunch upstairs and was halfway through my burger when he woke up with the conviction that he would never see boob again. He was devastated, and had the wail to prove it.

I tried rationalizing with him. I asked him for two more minutes, and bounced his bouncer vigorously with my foot. I sucked down some dr. pepper. mmmm. Okay, okay. I fed him. FOREVER. ouch.

But then he fell asleep. So instead of getting up and making that lemon curry chicken for dinner, I slouched down, curled up with him, and pulled the blanket up. Time for a mommy-Milo nap.

Awwww.  It just doesn't get any better than this. Who needs to eat?

I felt a little bad when Michael got home, but not bad enough to risk waking Milo up and having him want to eat again.

So Michael made the lemon curry chicken. =)

Tomorrow's goals include meeting with a friend about a possible nanny-sharing situation and placing some nanny ads and finally getting the bathroom cleaned and Milo's laundry folded and put away. Really, I'd like to clean the living room before she comes over but it doesn't seem very likely since it would require getting out of bed "early" again.

See? I'm totally learning to let things go.

But I'm requesting "light housekeeping" in my nanny ad.

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