Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In which I nominate myself for mommy of the week

Well going to bed at 2:30 last night was a poor strategy. The idea was that Milo would wake around 5:30 and Michael would feed him before his 6:00 am conference call thingie. Unfortunately, Milo slept until 6:00 which meant Michael couldn't feed him and I had to. Which means I got three and a half hours of sleep. We napped on and off after that, in between feedings, but somehow this amounted to only another hour or two of actual sleep and yet also meant we didn't get our day started until noon thirty. I have no explanation for where exactly those missing hours went.

In any case, we were just in time for the 1:00 online chat about choosing child care, which made me realize we're  a bit behind on that search. oops. (this is the pediatrician all over again, isn't it? you'd think i'd learn!)

I fed Milo while we listened, and by the time that was over, I was starving. By the time lunch was over I was going to shower but Milo was in a mood, so instead I decided to conquer the new ergo. How hard could it be? Well, there is this one clip across my back that I am apparently too short to easily clip and un-clip, but other than that, it actually was pretty easy and intuitive. The best part? Milo loves it and fell asleep within minutes.

Not super good for showering, but I decided to attempt the cheesecake brownies for the dorm parent BBQ.

And it worked. I made the most delicious brownies ever...all while wearing Milo in the Ergo! (Look at me go. Surely this deserves some sort of award? No? Guess I'll have to settle for licking the spoons.)

The Ergo, I have to say, is much more comfortable than a sling, though I still tend to lean back as in the later months of pregnancy, putting some strain on my lower back.

The brownies were super easy since the foundation was a box mix that I added a layer of cream cheese mixture to, and they were a big hit so I consider today's mission a success.  I didn't fold Milo's laundry or clean the bathroom, but I did run a load of dishes.

Tomorrow's mission is going to the movies with Milo in the morning before heading to my six week postpartum check-up. I invited the moms from my group but no one is up for it/available. Probably less pressure alone anyway...I can always bail if needed. But really, a morning weekday showing should be pretty empty and I figure if Milo starts crying, I'll just stick a boob in his mouth.  (see? there are some benefits to breastfeeding!) If I get out of the house early (ha! not likely) I'm going to look for swim diapers at target. And if I get really ambitious, I'll make lemon curry chicken for dinner.

(Don't hold your breath, Michael.)


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