Saturday, July 16, 2011

In which the idea of finding child care prompts me to spend too much money on cleaning products. Go me.

Today was a pretty good day in the land of mommyhood, other than the slow start. For some reason I was SO tired this morning, and as a result I couldn't drag myself out of bed to pump, which I'm sure will have some unintended consequences but what can you do? I really couldn't make myself move.

Until I realized I had only 45 minutes until my neighbor came over to talk about nanny sharing. Which was motivating enough to make me get out of bed and clean the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Well, TIDY them...they are FAR from "clean." Guess I'm not doing as well as I thought on the "letting things go" front. Though when I noticed how badly the dishes smelled, I just lit a spa candle and shrugged it off. So there's been some progress made. Depending on how you look at things.

Good news on the nanny front...a friend of my boss' nanny is interested in the job, and he really loves his nanny and trusts her judgment. I found her profile on and she sounds great...and lives super close by...but she's a tad younger than we had hoped to find (22) and is a smoker, though her friend says that she doesn't smoke around her jobs and her families would never know she smoked. In fact, she lists herself as a non smoker on her profile. So we'll have to see how that goes. Michael and I both feel pretty strongly about the smoking thing, though I guess we don't/can't really care what she does on her own time, as long as she/her car/my house doesn't smell like smoke and Milo isn't exposed to it.  In any case, I'm supposed to meet her on Monday so we'll see how it goes in person and if she's interested in the P/T gig.  There are a few other promising candidates online, but it would be nice to have someone that came through some sort of recommendation at least.

Just talking to my friend about finding childcare really touched a nerve, kind of unexpectedly.  On an intellectual level, I know that Milo really needs very little from a nanny at this stage.  Basically, he needs someone who will keep him safe, be attentive, and who will feed and change him promptly and interact with him a bit while he's awake--which really isn't that often. But on an emotional level, I feel sure that no one will be good enough to take care of him. Which is ridiculous on several levels...including the fact that I'll actually be readily accessible if not in the same apartment as Milo and our nanny.

I really can't imagine how I'm going to get any work done. I do think it's good for me and Milo, but seriously.

Oh well. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Milo seems to think he's hungry AGAIN, so I better wrap this up. He seems to be growth spurting again, as he's been eating every 1.5-2.5 hours all day, and sometimes even sooner.  He's killing me. (By which I mean he's killing my nipples.) BUT I've come to think of it as my own little "mindfulness bell"...I'll have to explain that more tomorrow, as he's now screaming full force. Humbug.

Ha. I have managed to find a position that lets me type while he feeds.

Except it kind of hurts. And my arm is resting on peanut's head. He seems largely unfazed though.

Tomorrow, my primary goal is to sleep. Seriously. With Michael here, I should be able to catch up. And, now that I'm allowed to, I want to take a BATH. And possibly go to the gym. But I won't be crushed if I don't make that one. I do want to finally finish Milo's laundry and clean the house this weekend so I can start next week on the right foot. And we need to pick up the tub of things I packed up from my office. And un-assemble and return the super expensive mamaroo swing thingie that doesn't work as well as the $30 bouncer we got as a gift. (Thanks, Alexis!) And set up the angel care breathing monitor Michael was all excited to get. (That's right, it sounds an alarm if it detects no motion/breathing for 20 seconds.)

So yeah, that's a bit much to be realistic, so we'll mostly focus on the sleep and bath goals. =)

Oh, and I just spent something like $250 on a new vacuum and steam mop.  This must be what they mean by "nesting."  I would say it was impulsive but it wasn't really...I've been thinking about that vacuum ever since I started nursing Milo. Which is when I saw approximately 28 infomercials for it. I justified this purchase because 1) I need to simplify my cleaning efforts before I go back to work and dorm parenting if I ever hope to have a somewhat clean home, and it would help if the vacuum was not so heavy or big as to need to be stored elsewhere in the dorm. And 2) I had enough Amazon points to pay for it.

Which possibly highlights a bigger problem, but we won't focus on that for now.


Hmm yeah, we might have to abandon this typing while nursing idea after all. Maybe we can revisit once Milo's mouth is a little bigger.

'night all. Sweet dreams.

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