Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The New Moms Group Descends on Cheesecake Factory

This will have to be a short post because today was a busy day and I'm exhausted. And peanut will need to eat in approximately12 minutes.

We made it out of the house at EXACTLY 10:30, which I think deserves major kudos. And we even made it to the Cheesecake Factory by 11:00. (And we did not damage our nice SUV while parking in the parking garage. Go me.) The restaurant was empty, and we had reservations, but still they seemed unprepared for our group of 8 moms and 8 strollers (including one double stroller for the twins.)  We also had male waiter who did not seem to understand that when two of the moms asked for a glass of hot water, it was to heat a bottle. Which would quiet the WAILING babies.  It took the guy about 15 minutes to bring the damn water. Sheesh. A mother waitress would have never done that.

None-the-less, lunch was really great. I actually like every single one of the moms in our group, which is pretty awesome considering how anti-social I am. The mom with the twins (who are incidentally only 3 weeks old) was the one who volunteered to organize the lunch. So we'll just call her supermom. I was all set to feel like a failure in comparison (I was the one who turned white at the idea of getting out of the house by 10:30 am with my 6 week old) but then during lunch she mentioned that she has a NIGHT NURSE. OHMYGOD. She gets to sleep. Like ALL night.

Well, no wonder. If I slept all night, I'd be unstoppable!

Once we were all back on even ground, we all chatted amiably for the 2.5 hours we were at lunch. Seems everything moves more slowly when you have babies! And slow waiters. So of course Milo had to eat during lunch, which I knew would happen. Before I left, I agonized over whether to bring a bottle to make such a feeding easier or whether to try to whip out a boob at the table while eating.  I hate to "waste" a bottle, but decided I would bring one anyway.

Then I forgot it at home. sigh.

So I decided my challenge for today would be to see if I could successfully nurse Milo at the table without a) flashing the waiter, b)dropping Milo, and c)screaming in agony.

And it worked! Mostly. The positioning was a little hard, but Milo is starting to be able to find his way to the nipple all on his own. (See how advanced my baby is?!) And we might have freaked out the waiter a bit, but by that point, that only added to my feeling of accomplishment.

Then we all went to class, where we learned how to do infant massage and gave each other tips on getting through the day, finding time to cook/eat (I'm NOT the only one!), and finding discount deals on baby gear. The time flew by, and before we knew it, it was 3:30 and time to head home.

I had gotten a piece of cheesecake for dessert and planned to eat it during class but then remembered we weren't supposed to bring food. (I think in case someone's kid was allergic to something or something like that. Who knows. Maybe they just know what a klutz I am.) So I asked them to put it in the fridge.

Well of course that meant that I got all the way out to the car in the parking lot and got Milo's car seat into the car before I remembered the cake. 


I seriously considered leaving it there, but c'mon...it's an $8 piece of RED VELVET cheesecake.

So you can bet your ass I went back for it.

And did not leave Milo in the car to do it. I hear that's frowned upon. Even in the case of missing cheesecake.

So we got home around four and I planned to stop by the mail room and pick up our new VACUUM and STEAM MOP! woohoo. But there was a line of cars waiting to pick kids up from camp and I couldn't get close to the door, so I had to give up and wait for Michael to get home. Instead, I went home, did some email and fed peanut and then fell asleep with him...for a whole two hours. Longest nap he's let me have!  Sweet. Except by the time I woke up, it was nearly 8 and Michael was home and we hadn't started dinner and then once we made dinner...and I mean at the EXACT moment Michael put the bowl in front of me, Milo woke up and decided he was starving and hadn't eaten in days. Oh well.

So we watched a show while we ate and fed Milo and then we gave him a bath. He loves baths, and apparently Michael loves to give him a bath which I think is amazingly sweet. Then we swaddled him up and I held him while Michael read us a Danish story book (and translated as well)...it was the best story ever, about a mosquito who has all these adventures on a bicycle and eventually joins a flea circus. (Thanks, Camilla!) 

Then I put peanut down in his bassinet. And went to assemble the new STEAM MOP! woohoo. I didn't get to try it out yet though, because it was eleven o'clock and I knew peanut would need to eat soon and I didn't want to waste my blogging time. I hope the vacuum is as easy to put together as the mop was, so I can try both out tomorrow. 


So I didn't get to return the mamaroo, and technically Michael made dinner, but other than that...we accomplished our goals for today. Go us.

Tomorrow's goals include meeting a friend and her baby for a playdate. Other than that, I have some bills to pay (easy to forget about those these days), and some thank you cards to write, and some nanny's to call and references to check. And then, ideally, I could mop and vacuum.

But I also need to do some college counseling work. Which kind of sucks, because I am totally on maternity leave. But I got emails from two parents today, itching to make some progress, and I can't blame them. They feel totally behind (and relative to how I worked with kids last year, they are totally behind.)  But they're not really...but it's no use telling them that, and I don't want them to feel more anxious because of me...I can't exactly tell them to wait four weeks until I'm back at work. (Feel free to leave a comment and tell me how YOU would handle this!)

So, yeah. That's a lot of goals for one day, so we'll have to see how it goes.

OH! And there's another goal...I need to finally finish researching hotels for our anniversary vacation and book it. Michael found out today we can't actually go for our anniversary, so we'll be going the week after. Which is probably good, since it's creeping up on us and we still haven't found a place Michael feels comfortable leaving the boat yet.  Maybe I can do some of this research while feeding Milo tonight. =)

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