Sunday, March 21, 2010

barnet er lille!

(The baby is tiny!) Sorry. I haven't learned THAT many adjectives in Danish yet. =) And I didn't get to learn any more this weekend, because we were busy! We left right after work on Friday for NJ to visit Tiff et. al. and the newest member of their family: Cooper. He's a month old, and I couldn't believe how tiny he still is! Michael was hoping I'd get my baby fix, but I can't say that really worked out.

We had such a nice weekend...I got to spend a lot of time talking to my sister, and I got to have lunch with Lily...she talked the whole time and answered all of my many questions about her life and school, etc. etc. She didn't roll her eyes once, which is how I know how much she loves me. =) She went to a dance on Friday creepy is that? She's 10! We didn't have dances until 7th grade, I'm pretty sure. And even though there were FIVE kids in the house, Michael and I got to sleep in. Impressive, no?

Anyway, I was pretty sad to leave. I really wish they lived closer.

On the way out of town, I got to stop at NY&Co, though, which was pretty exciting because I had a 25% off coupon, and I've been thinking I needed a few more tops lately, since I've lost some weight and my trusty "flowy" shirts kind of make it harder to notice. I got a couple of new shirts that indicate I actually have a waistline (and a couple of shirts that don't but were too beautiful to pass up) and I also got a new workout outfit. Which was not entirely necessary, but it was on a huge sale, and it's hard to find petite workout pants!

I spent the entire ride home thinking of baby names and asking Michael what he thought. There are surprisingly few good boy names.

Anyway, no Danish this weekend, but hopefully I'll catch up on the plane to LA on Tuesday.

Gonat, mine venner. (good night, my friends.)


runningwiththejig said...

Did you at least discuss Danish names? That should count, right?

Melisa K. said...

we did! we did! You're right, it should totally count!

Anonymous said...

thats why i left the hospital without a baby name. boy names are hard.


Melisa K. said...

hahaha. I do have some...but none that I'm in love with the way I am with girl names. I'm gonna have to have about 12 girls. =)