Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Boston Venture

Okay, I know Becca suggested that dinner didn't count, but this dinner definitely counts. We've been meaning to go to O Ya for sushi for about two years. It's won the best restaurant in Boston several years in a row. I tried to make a reservation for Michael's 35th birthday this year, but they were closed. =/ I tried to make a reservation for the week of Valentine's Day, but it didn't work with our dorm duty schedule so tonight was the night. Michael was so excited. I didn't think I'd like it that much since they don't make maki rolls, but mostly nigiri. I got us a reservation at the chefs' counter, which was AMAZING because we got to watch them make everything and it was truly artistic and intricate and very impressive. We knew it was going to be really expensive, and we thought that would make us hesitant to order much. But the truth was that the food--and the whole experience--was so good that we really actually felt it was worth it. And I NEVER would have thought I'd say that about a meal that expensive. But wow. We are still talking about it hours later. Michael wants to take my mom, who we think would REALLY enjoy it. Before we went, we thought it was a once in a lifetime splurge. Now we feel like maybe we'll set aside some money to go once every year or two. We rated each of our 17 courses so we know what we loved! =) We had such a nice time. We're kind of giddy about it. (more pictures on facebook)

PS I did another 4 Danish lessons tonight. I learned about plates, eating, food, fruit, bread, drinking, milk, water, and orange juice. And also how to say young and old, on top of and under, with and without, and yes and no!

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