Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reflections on Danish Month

Well, Danish month was fairly successful. Although I didn't EVER hit five hours a week of Danish study (what was I thinking? When was the last time I had five free hours a week? Second grade?!), and I didn't finish the Rosetta Stone program, I did make significant progress. I completed 5 out of 8 chapters, and I scored a 95% or higher on all tests. I learned a least in terms of reading Danish. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to understand words in spoken conversation without the picture context clues. Still, I can make simple, descriptive sentences, and Michael can understand me even with my poor grammar and accent.

I plan to continue the Danish study in April, finishing the last 3 chapters and then going back and doing the writing/listening portions. If I get my new laptop, I can do the speaking exercises, where it analyzes my pronunciation, which would be helpful. Then I can do the audio exercises in the car, and practice with Michael. I've made enough progress that I've maintained my motivation and excitement to learn more...I didn't want Danish month to be over, and that's a good sign.

I wasn't so great at really achieving FOCUS on my subject for the month, but we traveled a LOT this month and I was foiled a bit by my faulty laptop battery. I did do a fairly good job of achieving balance/flow and didn't get too caught up in trying to do "everything"...on several days, I let myself off the gym hook so I could focus on Danish. That might have been an easy out for me rather than intentional focus, though.

This month was nearly as satisfying as de-cluttering/organizing month and it was much more satisfying than intimacy/connection month. Progress was measurable, and I felt like it was a long-term investment in my life since I really want to be fluent in Danish.

On to April!

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