Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Motion, Epiphanies, Limits, and Poker!

A few things, in no particular order:

I think I've decided on "Motion" (that's exercise in Danish) next month, but I'm not sure I'll keep meditation tied in. I might leave meditation for the Joy and Me Time month, because I have a lot of ideas/goals for exercise month, and I want to continue with the Danish. Here's what I'm planning:
  • Get to the gym 4 times per week, minimum
  • Try the following classes, at least once: Zumba Dance, spinning, and Tai Chi
  • Get the Try Pack of 3 professional training sessions
  • Alternate days of push-ups and sit-ups, doing more each day than the time before
  • Get out for more walks! Maybe shoot for at least once a week.
What do you think of the goals? Any suggestions for changes?

Unrelated: I had an epiphany sort of moment in the car ride to NJ on Friday night. I had been driving for 4 hours and was feeling very sleepy. I was tired of driving. But then I had this thought: If I stopped the car and asked Michael to drive, he would. But instead he was getting to sleep, and I was getting to let him sleep. All of a sudden, I felt good about driving. And all it took was taking the time to realize that I had a choice and was making a choice I felt pretty good about, actually.

Unrelated: Tomorrow we leave for New Orleans and Texas. One of our neighbors is going to drive us, around 4:15. I took the day off, presumably so I could have one "real" day off over break. And this was the to-do list for my "real" day off: Get my tires and oil changed (at the place where I can get a pedicure next door while I wait); get pedicure and eyebrows waxed; get car inspected (expires at end of month); clean house (so it can be clean when we get back, since the students will be back by the time we return and I want to start off on the right foot!); finish packing; deposit check and get cash for trip; program GPS for LA/TX; print out addresses of restaurants in LA; get Michael new t-shirts.

Hmmm...sounds like a real day off, doesn't it? Especially since to get all that done and be home by four, I would need to leave by 8 am! So let's try to re-think this.

The 3 things that NEED to be done are: Get tires and oil changed, get car inspected, program GPS and finish packing.

The 3 thinks that I'd like to get done (in order of preference) are get pedicure/eyebrows, get Michael new shirts, clean house.

There, then. I'll start with sleeping in until 9 or so, then start with the three necessities and go from there. Better plan. Not quite a "real" day off...but probably quite a bit like a real "grown-up" day off. It's not like you can get all this stuff done on a weekend! It's too crowded everyplace!

No Danish today, but we did fit in a Dorm Parent Poker Night, which was fun. Especially as another player went "all in" in the second hand, and I took the whole pot! Michael won the small tourney, of course, but I had plenty of fun. And I wasn't anti-social. So that's something!

Tomorrow, I'll have four hours on the plane to do Danish. Unfortunately, my battery only lasts about 1.5 hours. (Why don't they have outlets on planes by now!?) Still, it should let me catch up quite a bit. It's probably unrealistic to think that I can finish the 8 chapters, since I'm only part way through chapter 4, but we'll see.

Okay, it's nearly one a.m. That means I'll have to sleep in till 10 to get my 9 hours of "day off" sleep.

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runningwiththejig said...

Oh good! Reading your motion will help me!