Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to Learn Danish!

Not much energy tonight to start off Danish month, to be honest. Here's the plan:

1) Install Rosetta Stone
2) Spend 5 hours a week going through the lessons
3) Start using simple Danish vocab when possible when talking to Michael
4) Try to finish the whole Rosetta Stone program during March

This will be difficult, for a few reasons. It's our BUSIEST time in Admissions, and requires working nights and weekends. I know I said February was busiest, but I had forgotten how bad March is. And how much I'm responsible for. Also, we are away a lot in March...I have a PSIA ski clinic, we are going to visit our new nephew, and we are going to Louisiana. But at least I already know how to say airplane in Danish!

go nat,

(That's how "good night" is phonetically spelled in Danish. I am pretty sure it's not how it's actually spelled. At all. Which is one of the things that makes learning Danish via Rosetta Stone--or Michael--tricky.)


runningwiththejig said...

Oh Fun! At least you can spend your travel time learning, right?

What is in Louisiana?

Melisa K. said...

Yes! It will be great to spend hours on a plane quietly mumbling in Danish. =)

Louisiana...first we're going to New Orleans for some fun food basically...then headed to Shreveport (read swampy middle of nowhere) for some great fishing spot that Michael has seen on tv. Looks beautiful actually. AND! We're staying in a cabin on a lake in Uncertain, TX. Which I think will be one of the coolest places ever.