Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jeg er en kort kvinde med langt, krøllet, brunt hår.

I did another hour and a half of Danish lessons today and I mostly learned about words like more than, less than, same amount as, lots of, a few, young, old, short, tall, long. I also learned parts of the face. I also tried an exercise where I had to spell at Danish. I'm slightly better at spelling than speaking, but not nearly as good as I am at reading! Hopefully after I get through all the lessons, I can get Michael to talk to me in Danish until I get a little better at hearing/understanding. The way Rosetta works is it shows a sentence and four pictures, and you have to select the picture that is described by the sentence. Obviously this gives huge context clues. I'm really good at this game, but I have a feeling if I tried to understand an actual conversation without little pictures, I'd be totally lost. I guess I just have to have faith in the program.

The nicest thing happened of our dorm students slipped a little note under our door. This is what it says:

Dear Michael and Melisa,
I'm sorry to hear about the evaluation form thingy. But you guys are always awesome dorm parents to me! People might just blame on you guys when they're actually the ones who should be blamed. They made mistakes but blamed you guys giving out warnings, etc. I know it's really hard for Michael to be in a girls' dorm too. And Michael--just wanna let you know that you are such a funny, humorous, and nice dorm parent. =) And I'm really glad that you joined us last year. And I can feel that you are always trying hard. =) But girls--especially teenage girls--are hard to deal with. haha. But they're just a few people who have some opinions, but you guys are definitely not NOT! not rude, mean, racist or anything like that. We love you guys. I know it's really frustrating to hear that. Hope you feel better and enjoy the spring break! <3

Yes, we love her. *contented sigh*

Work is really hectic, as we spent most of the day fielding phone calls resulting from decision letters. *heavy sigh* We are also planning revisit events. And I'm supposed to have college lists for my college counseling students by tomorrow which is definitely not going to happen. And...I am supposed to make up Amazing Race type questions. They need to have two parts: one part will help the students identify a building on campus (ie: this dorm made chocolate covered strawberries last valentines' day). The second part of the clue has to be some riddle or brainteaser that would lead you to a specific item or room in the dorm, and that you need no school-specific knowledge to figure out (ie a brainteaser that would lead you to the word "freezer". I need five of these.

Any help out there? Anyone? Please?

PS Today, my title reads: I am a short woman, with long, curly, brown hair. Brilliant, huh?


runningwiththejig said...

I'm glad you got some nice feedback!

Julie said...

What a nice note to you and Michael:)

Melisa K. said...

it really was! of course I got all choked up. =)