Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jeg er Traet!

It's late. I'm tired. I didn't get to nap yesterday or today. Yesterday I skiied my ass off (and my calves and feet) and today I was at work for an extra 2.5 hours. So I'm not sure how much I can blog, but here goes...

The first hour on the slopes yesterday I felt great. I remembered how much I LOVE skiing. Two hours in, my feet hurt. A lot. I realized how old and outdated my skis and boots are, especially since I was the youngest person in my group (this is what happens when you ask to be in the "slow" group) and my skis were the oldest. By far. By lunch time I remembered how much I don't like these clinics because they are really hard and I always feel like a wimp, in the "slow" group but wanting to quit before everyone else. I didn't want to go out after lunch. But I did.

Carolyn didn't. HA! One down, 7 left.

Two runs later, Villja left. 2 down. And an important lesson: I realize I am an adult and I don't have to stay until the end. I get to say when I've had enough. Very liberating thought. I decide to stay. Mostly so I don't have to tell everyone I wimped out.

We're supposed to ski until 4. At 2:45, my legs are shaking like jello when I am standing still. This does not bode well for the mogul run Mr. Instructor wants us to navigate.

I get down the mogul run, but it is not pretty. Still, it is a victory--as Ruth and Kathy don't make it down. Is it bad that I am doing an internal victory dance while we wait for them at the bottom of the mountain? (If you're keeping track, this places me in the top half of our group, miraculously.)

At 3:00, instructor Dutch suggests two more runs and calling it quits since we are now skiing through mash potatoes mixed with glue instead of milk. Ruth mutters under her breath. It sounds like she tells him to shove his two runs up his ass.

Just kidding.

That was me.

Haha. Just kidding. But Ruth and I both agree this should probably be our last run. A good ski instructor knows when to call it quits. If you can't feel your feet through all the pain, and the small child in front of you on the lift line can hear your calves screaming, and your legs are still shaking and your face resembles a lobster (but with racoon eyes), there is a very good chance that you will NOT be able to maintain the grace and control of a professional ski instructor.

Luckily, even Dutch had to concede that skiing through mashed potatos was losing its appeal. He let us go early. Which was nice, since it meant that I MADE IT THROUGH THE WHOLE FREAKING DAY.

Let's forget the fact that it was supposed to be a two-day clinic, okay?

Getting the skis and boots out to the car was tricky, but not as tricky as staying awake and keeping my foot on the gas for the drive home. Luckily, I was able to talk to my parents the whole way back home, even through horrible flood traffic.

I wanted to nap when I got home, but it was almost time for dinner with Michael, so I just took a quick bath. But then Michael got held up at work and I almost fell asleep in the bath. We went out for Indian food, but mine was too spicy and I was too tired to really care. I pretty much went straight to bed when we got home. Though I did finish my new book first.

Today was a hard day at work, but it's a detailed story that's probably not so interesting to you. Suffice it to say that I had a lot to catch up on and I'm really far behind and I'm getting really tired of having to rely on other people. I had to stay 2.5 hours late, and by that time it was JUST in time to meet Alicia and Travis (our co-dorm parents) for dinner. Michael had made pulled pork in our slow cooker again. MMMMMmmmmm.

It was SOOO much fun. This was one of those nights where connecting with people fueled my energy instead of draining it. It was worth not napping for, even. Crazy, I know. We talked about everything BUT the dorm students. This must be akin to parents of a three year old who go out for their first date in 3 years and vow not to talk about the kids. Joy! Laughter! WINE! Alphabet Boggle Twister. ha. What fun. They also helped (if you can call it that) with the clues for my version of The Amazing Race I plan to do for our newly accepted prospective boarding students in a couple of weeks. I've just started planning, and have a LOT to do to pull it together, but I think this idea has real potential for creating a super fun experience where they actually connect with current students and our dorm.

Anyway, it was really, really good. But then I had to come home and get back to work and it turned out that none of our computers had the proper port to transfer the video I need to edit for work. So I'm back to square one with that, which is frustrating.

By then the half bottle of wine had kicked in, and I was falling asleep. It was 10:30, and Michael encouraged me to go to sleep since I felt so good last week when I got 8 hours of sleep. But I remembered that I hadn't studied Danish in three days, so I did 45 minutes of Danish instead. I learned about being hungry and full and cold and hot and tired and not tired. Og jeg var traet. (And I was tired) so then I was going to write a two sentence blog but once I started I couldn't stop and now here it is, 11:40 and I'm down to 7 hours of sleep. If I hurry.

I'll take what I can get though.

God nat!
(good night, spelled correctly)

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