Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bright & Cozy Zen Den

I rallied. I started with the shelves in the bedroom, and turned on a fascinating TLC special on the world's strongest toddler and the world's smallest girl, and I just kept moving. I got the whole entire thing cleaned up and de-cluttered...except for Michael's drawers. But there aren't many clothes in there anyway.  And the clothes of his that were on the floor...I just threw in the back room. One of my favorite de-cluttering touches in our super tiny bedroom is the magazine rack hanging on the wall to the right of the bed for our reading material, and our remote. Very handy, since we don't have room for night tables. Also, on my side of the bed, we put up a small cube shelf...just the right size for an alarm, a book, chapstick and my pillow mist.  As an extra bonus--you can't clutter it up, because it's not that big or sturdy. =) We wish our room was a little bigger, but we make good use of the space we have, and we have a bright, cozy, zen den.

Whaddya think?

I have to say, I'm proud of this progress because tonight was really, really hard. I just can't stop coughing no matter what I do.  And after baking with the girls in the dorm, I was knackered. Then we had dorm meeting. Then we had to do a mediation between two roommates.  After that was all done, it's no surprise that Michael begged off on doing his clothes tonight. It was after 11:30 by then. But he did PROMISE to do them tomorrow night. So that's progress too. =)

Tomorrow, I have plans to GET INTO BOSTON to try out a new Thai Tapas restaurant, with Erin, a friend from high school. Well, new to me. And her. If I'm lucky, I'll get to the purses/bags but if not, I'll be okay with my monthly excursion into the CITY. haha.

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