Friday, January 15, 2010

But this blog is not about excuses. It's about focus.

Yesterday was a slow day, organizationally speaking. But, if you knew about my day/week at work, you'd probably give me an organizational award just for keeping it together and not exploding and/or crawling into bed for the remainder of the week. I had to stay late at work, and got home just in time to be on duty, and I was busy pretty much every minute of that time until roughly...12:25 am.

But this blog is not about excuses. It's about focus. So here's what I did get done yesterday.

1) I finally folded that laundry AND put it away. There was a lot of it. Now my drawers don't close and I'm out of hangars. This has made me realize that de-cluttering the clothes is definitely imminent. Since I've lost about 20 lbs in the last 6 months or so, this might actually be somewhat enjoyable. I have a lot of clothes from college, I realized, and a lot from before I had boobs, apparently. So let's add that to the list for this weekend, shall we?

2) I got a new coat rack. I'm not sure I've mentioned this issue we have. We have a narrow hallway in our tiny apartment, and on one side of it is a bookshelf overloaded with books, where Michael drops his keys and things when he gets home from work. on the other side is an overloaded coat/scarf/purse rack because we don't really have a coat closet to speak of. Imagine our hallway as a one way street where people are allowed to park on both sides. Well, the thing is, every single time Michael walks down the hallway, half the coats fall off the rack and he has to pick them up. EVERY.TIME. Suffice it to say that 90% of Michael's uttered curses are directed at the coat rack. SO. I got a nice, new coat rack which I plan to install tonight (it seemed a bit noisy to install after midnight) at the other end of the hallway, on the same side as the bookcase and neatly lined up army of shoes. So there will be parking on only one side of the hallway, and presumably significantly less cursing.

3) I ordered a new planner. This was fairly agonizing, actually. I found this one genius planner where the top had weekly planning, and the bottom monthly, and they flipped separately, as shown

But...although it seemed brilliant, I also wondered if it would get annoying. So, unsurprisingly, I opted for a more aesthetically pleasing planner. Not as sophisticated as my one from last year, but it will keep my interest.

So then, I'm hoping this weekend will be as productive as last weekend, which I have to say amazed even me. I hope to clean the floors, hang the coat rack, de-clutter (and donate) the clothes, organize dresser/armoire/closet, and....

do the books.

be supportive, okay?

PS--have only been to the gym once this week, so need to go every day this weekend to meet my goal.
PPS--HAVE managed to keep all previously de-cluttered areas organized and clean, amazingly.
PPS--Students in the dorm are ever so grateful for the snacks I donated from the de-cluttering of the front hall closet. Their parents, I'm sure, would be less so. =)


gina said...

once you conquer the books, there will be no stopping you.

Robin said...

Hopefully you can find a good home for your books like you did with your magazines. Books are one of the only things I have a really hard time getting rid of. I can't bring myself to throw them out no matter what, and I have to talk myself in to selling them or giving them away because I think, "What if I'm bored and don't have any books around?"

Melisa K. said...

I know, G. It might have been a lofty goal for this weekend. We'll see. =)

R., I think I'm going to let people in the community come browse, and donate the others to a great bookstore nearby that employs people who have had a rough time in life.

If I can manage to part with them, that is! I know it's going to be hard. I'll have to set a goal. Maybe getting rid of 30% would be a good goal.