Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ugh. I'm sick.

I hate giving in, but...well, okay, no I don't hate it. In fact, I kind of like having a justifiable excuse. I'm sick. Really sick. Not dying sick, but definitely "I wish I didn't have to move for a few days" sick.  Of course, Tuesdays are dorm meeting days and I have 4 tonight, so I'll have to move.  Looks like there's a good chance this will be one of my possible two "off" days tonight in terms of de-cluttering. I figure the least I can do is brainstorm and write a list of the things left to de-clutter. That way, if I can scrape up only a little energy and/or time during the busy weeknights, I can attack something small...and I'll know just where to focus my energies on larger stuff for the weekend.

Let's see:
  1. There's the back room/office, which might need to be done in sections. It includes Michael's clothes, fixing up the closet (tearing down shelves, getting rid of shoes I don't wear, installing more clothes hanging space and a light), the giant bookcase, glass working materials, my "memory stuff", and two desks.  Also, the filing system is currently in there, and I need to throw out anything more than two years old (that's a good rule, right? I mean everything's available digitally these days.)
  2. There's pictures/picture frames. I have probably 15 frames and I need to write down the sizes and go find which pics to print, and actually order, assemble, and hang.
  3. My computer. I really dread this one. Two of my drives are full, and I need to create space. I also need to start culling all of my stored photos, burning some to CD, uploading others for photobooks, etc. (Then I can start our "year two" wedding book...I'm making one for each year of our marriage, starting with our vows from that year, and then pics from the year. Year One turned out great but it was a huge project to do at the end of the year, so I vowed to upload photos and do pages as the year passes.)
  4. My purses/bags. I probably have 6--all filled with an assortment of loose crap and trash.
  5. The bedroom--not much left to do in here. Michael's clothes, and some shelves that need de-cluttering and dusting.
  6. The storage closet at the end of the hall...where we store all things we might need to access fairly easily. Ugh. It's very full. I think I can talk Michael into taking this on.
  7. The basement. This is where we put the stuff that was in storage in the condo when we sold it.  It's not stuff we need to access, but we weren't ready to get rid of it. There are boxes of books involved. Double Ugh.
  8. My car. In my trunk alone, there are rollerblades (just in case), a jump starter that's not charged (oops), lots of motor oil, a fire extinguisher that the pin has been pulled on (oops), and lots more crap. It needs to get minimized and organized.
  9. My desk at work. This is a big one, and I'll never have time to actually do it at work. I need to get better at filing, for sure.
  10. My email...I'm probably about half way done unsubscribing from Spam, but it's been hard to keep up with and easier to just delete. I also have to finish going through my 42 folders at work, and archiving things I need and deleting things I don't need.
I think that's it. Nothing else is popping out at me for now. There's 13 days left this month (including today) so it's going to be tight. But now that I have it written down to refer to, I'll be able to combine things on days that I have a bit more time. Maybe I can even do something easy, like the purses, today.

Even just writing this down has inspired me a little. So I think I'm going to go in search of two organizing things I need: a shoe rack for the hallway (We have about 14 pairs of shoes we use regularly lined up in a very long row) and a filing system for the hallway so I'm more likely to follow through on filing. Here we go...


runningwiththejig said...

wait, didn't you do your desk at work as your first project?

Melisa K. said...

I had done half of it...the easier half. =) Not the file drawer, desk drawer, or in/out work box.