Friday, January 15, 2010

Michael's Reward

I told you earlier that 90% of Michael's uttered curses are directed at the coat rack in our hallway, which regularly mocks him by pelting him with coats and scarves. Well, he's been such a good sport about all this purging and organizing (he still can't find his hat) that I decided to install the new coat rack before he came home from work. It was easier than I thought, and literally took 5 minutes. (Why did we ever wait this long?!?) And guess what? Nary a fallen coat since. And the entry way is so open and spacious! And--I have a new wall to fit some framed photos on. (I have a collection of frames awaiting me to select and print photos from our honeymoon and anniversary cruise)...but I was waiting to have somewhere to put them! Voila! The things I find while cleaning. =)

And--an update on the magazines! I read both Real Simple and Oprah January issues--before the end of January. And, I've developed a new system for reading them. Part of the reason I never threw one out before was because I always found "stuff" I wanted to keep from each magazine. This time, while reading, I just folded down the corner on the pages I wanted to reference again. After finishing reading, I went back through to see if I still wanted to keep anything or purchase a recommendation, and moved on. I wound up putting a baking dish I loved on my wishlist (because I don't really need it yet, but it might be nice motivation when I get to my cooking month), ordered some Ouidad Curl products (because since getting my hair cut for the first time in oh, 6 years, there have been maybe a dozen days where I looked at myself in the mirror and thought wow. In a good way. And I want to nourish that), and savored a quote I found: "Fall down seven times--get up eight." I noticed while jotting that nugget down, that the byline underneath featured the name of a classmate and friend from grad school. And the article was about finally making healthy changes in her life. Since that's what this blog is all about, I decided to reach out and reconnect with her. I wish we still lived in the same city. My thoughts also lingered on another article, where someone asks "what is the most important thing in your life" and the author can't answer that yet. He tells her, "the most important thing in your life is you."

Well said.

Having said that, I'm proud of myself. I got more out of this magazine (and the time spent lingering in the bath with candlelight, strawberries, and a massaging neck roll) than any before. And now I'm hoping to recycle/share it. If you live nearby, and want it, let me now. =)

Before signing off for the night, I'd like to revisit the idea of the motivation circle. Tonight I surrendered--yet again--to a nap after work, and set me alarm for five minutes before my friend, Melissa, was going to head to the gym. When the alarm went off, I was DEAD to the world and happy to stay that way. I noticed I had a voicemail, and it was Melissa saying she wouldn't make it to the gym until later.

Off the hook, I returned to the call of my pillow. But I knew Michael would be home soon anyway, and I thought of the idea to install the coat rack before he got here. When he got home, we started dinner, and just then Melissa called to say she was gym time minus 40 minutes. Darn. Having started cooking, I was a good 45 minutes behind her. =/ Still, Michael was making a really nice and healthy tuna dinner and we had a show on tivo that we love to watch together, and I didn't want to rush through. But as soon as it was over, I threw on gym clothes, grabbed my water and a magazine, and headed to the gym. I'm not going to lie. I was speeding. The gym is less than a mile from my house (thank goodness) and I was cutting corners like my life depended on it. All to get there before Melissa left. As I pulled into a prime spot (the irony of searching for the best spot at the gym is not lost on me) my phone rang, and it was Melissa. She had just passed me on her way out.

I almost, very nearly stayed in the car. But, I was here. With a magazine. So in I went. 250 calories later, I came out thinking about what makes Melissa such a good gym partner/motivator. She's a good friend, and a good listener, and a genuine person, all of which makes time on the treadmill pass quickly. But the real crux of it, I think, is twofold. One, she has a positive perspective on life, and it's infectious. Spending time with her is like taking vitamins--you know it's good for your health. Two, she cherishes her gym time. I'm not sure if it's because it's rare that she gets time for herself, or because she's commited to her health. In any case, it made me realize that I might not be quite the gym partner she is. I have a feeling no one would be motivated by me to go to the gym.

But...I've heard rumors that people have been motivated by this blog to de-clutter, organize, and clean. So I guess the motivation circle theory still holds.

But I'm still going to try to remember to try on the positive perspective and consider my time at the gym a luxury. Which really, it is. When else can I have quiet time to read? hahahahaha....

Anyone else have something they need a new perspective on? Any ideas for looking at something in a new, more positive way?

PS: Yes, you have to wait for pictures of the new coat rack/expansive entryway, because I hope to get the rest of the hallway done this weekend and it will have more of an impact that way!


Sarah said...

Hey Missy.

I think this a great little blog you've got going here. I was thinking about it on my drive home I ticked off in my head some of the many goals I want to accomplish in my (day-to-day!) life. Writing, Reading, Exercising, Spending face to face time with loved ones, Solitude, Study, Service. It's hard, and I like your system of choosing one per month. Inspirational, to say the least. Where did you come up with it? (Did you say in your first blog? I may just have to go back and check. :) What a nice way keeping a blog is to keep your writing needs in check.)

Do you ever get tired of too much screen time, typing up the blog?

Happy Organizing,
(PS, saw those posts from Alexis to you on FB and relished in reading them one lazy Saturday morning. Yum. Does that make me OCD or just organized? lol)

Happy weekend,
Sarah Lawlor

Melisa K. said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading and commenting and being inspired. You made my day. =)

The idea started because I'm a big picture person and I realized it gets in my way. I get paralyzed when I see everything at once. It's daunting. I wanted to see if I could learn to see things in smaller portions so I could take baby steps towards goals. Like you, I had a LOT of things I wanted to work on (including finding focus/being "present"), but trying to change them all at once wasn't working. It was too overwhelming.

Also, they say it takes 30 days to form a habit. Which is, coincidentally (?) the number of days in a month. =)

And, I had read someplace that the majority of new years resolutions die a sad death by February 17th each year. =)

So...I decided to choose 12 things I wanted to work on, "practice" them each for a month, and write about it. I was afraid it would be boring to write about (and read) but it keeps me motivated and on track. Especially when people comment and I know someone is reading along.

And I think it will get more interesting as the months go by and I see what sticks and what changes happen in my life.

I don't get tired of it, but it's only been two weeks. =)

Missy makes you normal...I suspect there are a lot of people that crave organization as we do. =)