Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I never, ever need to buy hand lotion again.

Finally, some real progress to report! I got through my purses and bags tonight...there were 7 of them. I filled a whole grocery bag with trash, and found about 12 things that needed filing. I also realized I never, never need to buy hand lotion again. Or chapstick. So that was useful. Unfortunately, I didn't find my missing wedding-day earring. I don't know why, but I was hoping I might come across it stashed in a bag for "safe keeping." I just can't really believe that I lost it.

I also went through all of the picture frames I've been saving. There were 28 of them. So I probably don't need anymore of those right away. =) But I'm glad, actually. I went through I wrote down all the sizes I have. So now I can finally go through my pictures and order prints from our wedding, honeymoon, anniversary trip, skydiving, scuba diving, grand canyon, hot air ballooning, etc etc. I actually paid a lot to have a giant metallic picture of our wedding framed--the only one we got--and the print is really too dark. So I'm also going to bite the bullet and pay whatever I need to to get the print changed out. (Not sure I can do it myself, as it has a fancy backing on it.)

So I'm not sure I'll get to the ordering tonight, because it's almost ten, which means it's time for a dorm meeting, and I won't get back till after 11 most likely. And I need to get to bed because my boss scheduled a 7:45 meeting tomorrow morning (my day doesn't usually start until 8:00) and I really need to be on time.

So...there's 5 days left of January and the war on clutter. These are the remaining battles to be fought:
  1. There's the back room/office, which might need to be done in sections. It includes Michael's clothes, fixing up the closet (tearing down shelves, getting rid of shoes I don't wear, installing more clothes hanging space and a light), the giant bookcase, glass working materials, my "memory stuff", and two desks.
  2. Ordering the prints to go in the frames.
  3. The storage closet at the end of the hall...where we store all things we might need to access fairly easily. Ugh. It's very full. I think I can talk Michael into taking this on.
  4. The basement. This is where we put the stuff that was in storage in the condo when we sold it. It's not stuff we need to access, but we weren't ready to get rid of it. There are boxes of books involved. Double Ugh.
  5. My car. In my trunk alone, there are rollerblades (just in case), a jump starter that's not charged (oops), lots of motor oil, a fire extinguisher that the pin has been pulled on (oops), and lots more crap. It needs to get minimized and organized.
  6. My desk at work. This is a big one, and I'll never have time to actually do it at work. I need to get better at filing, for sure.
  7. My email...I'm probably about half way done unsubscribing from Spam, but it's been hard to keep up with and easier to just delete. I also have to finish going through my 42 folders at work, and archiving things I need and deleting things I don't need.
Do you think it's reasonable? We are supposed to go to poker tomorrow night, and I have the big college counseling night for Juniors (which I am in charge of the presentation and haven't yet prepared) on Thursday night. So I can try the easy stuff over the next two days...ordering the pictures, and my email, and maybe my car. But that still leaves a LOT of big things for the weekend.


runningwiththejig said...

You can do it!

I would focus on the stuff in your house first. If that gets done, you'll feel amazing. The rest will just be icing.

A Little Irish Girl said...

I agree! You can totally do this.

Just don't get overwhelmed with feeling like you have to ALL of it done. Keep breaking it down, get the important stuff done, and you'll be good to go :)

Melisa K. said...

Thanks, ladies. You're both right. The storage closet and basement really are icing, as is my car. (But don't tell Michael). My desk at work needs to get done for real though.

And thanks for the reminder about breaking things down, Erin. I was good tonight--I did the first part of the picture frame project, just to keep moving forward.