Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, two outta three ain't bad.

Well, I got the dishes done and the counters and table cleaned off. And I did the filing! It's an easy, accessible system and I even tested it out by emptying our two "put mail and important things we should keep but don't know what to do with in here" wall pockets.  There were a couple of big files that didn't make the cut: manuals (I figure this can be stored in a closet, since we never actually need to consult them, but might one day), real estate documents (from when I bought the condo in 2004. I might need some of these docs when I file taxes this year, but can't imagine needing them beyond that, so will hopefully pitch them after taxes are done), and Kiss My Glass stuff (I'm finally going to let the website die a natural death this year, but you never know when some of the old stuff could come in handy. I could see myself doing craft fairs again at some point in the future, if not a full blown business).  Everything else got pared down and fit in these two little boxes. I still don't really think we need all of this paper in our lives, but I'm going to try to really commit to filing stuff right away from now on. (You too, Michael!)

As for the purses and's such an easy, small thing, and there's still some time left in my night, but I don't think it will happen.  I feel much worse at night and I'm definitely feeling pretty exhausted from all the coughing. It might be time for more ice cream. And maybe I'll finish reading the first of the decluttering books so I can donate it.

Anyone have any great filing systems or motivation for filing to share?? I find having "pretty" and easily accessible boxes really helps far, at least.

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