Friday, January 22, 2010

This better be for organizing!

Oh, wait. I forgot to tell you the new shoe rack got here today. In the most grossly, wastefully, huge box ever. (It might be good for gathering donations though, so at least I'll recycle it.)  It was funny, too...I went to pick it up in the mail room (which was a poor idea, because my doctors note expressly forbade "excessive physical activity that might cause labored breathing") and found a note scrawled on it from one of my fellow dorm parents: "This better be for organizing!"

Well, Jenn, it was! And here's a picture of it hard at work. Not the most beautiful sight for the hallway. (As Alexis keeps pointing out, it would go much better in a closet.) We'll see what we can do about that long-term, but for now, at least this keeps the clutter contained.

No word from Michael yet. I tried to put his most-used shoes on the floor like before so it won't feel like much of a change. =) Oh, and I attached a basket to the coat hanger for his gloves and hat (after taking this picture, so don't try looking for it). We'll see how he likes that idea. (Last time, I tried putting them in a basket in the front hall closet. He found them, but he wasn't a fan of the spot, so I'm still trying.)

PS: Looking at this picture, I can see it still looks cluttered. There are definitely a few coats and scarves that we don't use as often and could be hidden in a closet...if we had room...

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Anonymous said...

I knew you would be putting whatever item was in the box to good use. Glad to see it in action!